Conflict Resolution for Construction Companies

Construction culture is notoriously stressful. From long hours, job variability, competition, and role ambiguity, to exhaustive physical labor, dangerous job sites, and limited room for career growth, general contractors are at a heightened risk for conflict. This conflict can occur between construction workers themselves, or between your contractors and customers. Either way, the negative impacts to the company can be big. This is why Pollack Peacebuilding specializes in expert conflict resolution for construction companies.

When workers are unmanageably stressed and preoccupied in disputes, they can become unfocused. In an industry known to be dangerous, this can compromise safety. The carelessness or risk for accident that can arise or increase under these conditions can put individuals and the company on the line. Resolve current disputes or prevent future ones by employing conflict management skills with your team to increase their effectiveness in expressing themselves and managing their reactivity. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems for a free consultation today.

Conflict Resolution for General Contractors and Construction Workers

If you’re managing a team of general contractors or builders, it’s important to take into consideration the unique stressors your employees face every day, and the negative impacts those stressors can have on the job. When conflict arises in stressful work environments, employee morale and work performance typically become the main concern. With construction workers, however, the added risk of injury means that conflict resolution for construction companies is a critical component of managing safety in addition to the business’ profits and performance.

Conflict Management & Training for Construction Companies

In all work environments, communication and collaboration are relied upon for overall success. These skills are not innate to everyone, so supplying your team with proper training can be a helpful way to reduce the likelihood of conflict or the side effects of one already ignited. Pollack Peacebuilding Systems provides conflict resolution for construction companies as well as coaching and training programs to arm your builders with additional tools for success.

Benefits of Conflict Resolution for Construction Companies

Offering expert training and consulting in conflict management is a wise investment to make in your company to reduce the likelihood of dangerous situations and improve overall teamwork. Here are some other benefits of applying conflict resolution for construction companies:

    • Enhance productivity, collaboration, and morale
    • Avoid financial losses or legal issues that may directly or indirectly result from conflict
    • Eliminate bad PR that may result from unresolved conflict
    • Improve communication between general contractors, enhancing teamwork and reducing overall risk

From Local Contractors to Nationwide Construction Companies

Regardless of whether you manage a local or nationwide construction company, the need for conflict management solutions remains essential. Effective management steps can reduce the impacts of stress experienced on the job site. Conflict resolution for construction companies can support you in identifying where you can make improvements around communication, feedback, planning, and overall leadership that can reduce the risk and impacts of conflict among employees.

Conflict Resolution for Construction Companies

Conflict management isn’t everyone’s strength and yet it can be critical to job performance and client satisfaction. Get support for an ongoing conflict between general contractors or to take preventative measures. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today to get the right solutions for your dedicated construction workers.

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