Conflict Resolution for Law Firms

Attorneys are known for experiencing unique work-related pressures that can lead to professional burnout. These pressures include long hours, high-stakes cases, and the secondary trauma that can occur when facing the emotional overwhelm of their clients and the issues that brought them to seek legal counsel. This added stress can lead to conflicts between opposing attorneys, partnering attorneys, and even between attorneys and their clients. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems for expert support in conflict resolution for law firms.

To prevent interpersonal issues from compounding and negatively impacting performance and morale, utilize the conflict resolution services available through Pollack Peacebuilding Systems (PPS). PPS is skilled at providing training and conflict resolution for law firms and can help your attorneys keep their focus on what’s important: winning cases.

Conflict Resolution Between Attorneys & Partners

There are different situations that can provoke conflict in work environments, specifically law firms. Lawyers may find themselves sparring with opposing legal teams which may or may not be good for business. Lawyers may also find themselves stretched so thin that they struggle to keep their cool with clients and create disputes there. One common relationship where conflict can occur is within the law firm itself, where partnering attorneys on the same team end up in a powerful disagreement. This can create an unproductive and treacherous situation for the firm and should be handled swiftly, with the right care to avoid further escalation.

Conflict Management & Training for Lawyers

Conflict management is best carried out preventatively. Providing your team with training and coaching on how to avoid interpersonal conflict is the best type of conflict resolution for law firms. In addition to active conflict intervention, PPS provides coaching programs and consulting services that can provide the right education on communication skills and mediation to keep conflict at bay in your firm.

Benefits of Conflict Resolution for Law Firms

Providing expert coaching and consulting in conflict management is an important investment to make in your team. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing conflict resolution for law firms:

    • Enhanced communication between lawyers, their partners, and their clients
    • Improve morale and productivity that has been impacted negatively by chronic stress and conflict
    • Prevent financial losses that may result from conflict
    • Eliminate bad PR that may result from unresolved conflict with external entities or clients

From Local Attorneys to National Law Firms

Conflict resolution for law firms is needed regardless of the size and status of the firm. Whether your firm has a handful of employees operating from one central office, or partners from coast to coast, conflict can interrupt the flow of business at any time. Be sure to support members of your law firm during difficult cases and their stressful commitment to a difficult job.

Conflict Resolution for Law Firms

Conflict management is challenging and can put a damper on business. Get support from the experts in interpersonal workplace conflict resolution services. We can turn conflict between lawyers into an opportunity for growth. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today for a free consultation. We can help find the right solutions for your hardworking attorneys.

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