Conflict Resolution for Non-Profits

A passion for helping is often what compels people to work for non-profit organizations. Whether you have a helper spirit, are drawn to support a particular population, or understand the needs of a community and want to contribute, you may recognize that what brought you to your non-profit role was something bigger than yourself. But non-profits can often struggle with resources and tools needed to carry out their mission in the best way possible. This combination of passion and powerlessness can create a unique kind of stress that arises in employees of charities or non-profit organizations differently than employees of the for-profit sector. Chronic stress like this can put employees at a higher risk for conflict, whether it be among co-workers, with management, or even with clients and customers. This is why conflict resolution for non-profits can be such a critical component to have in place. For information on conflict resolution services for non-profits, contact Pollack Peacebuilding today.

Conflict Resolution for Coworkers & Boards of Directors

Handling in-house conflict can be challenging. Whether or not you have a personal stake in the conflict, mediating disputes among those you know and work with can present a unique set of challenges. Non-profits typically act as a sanctuary for those they serve, but in order to deliver those services, the organization must be clear on its mission and working collaboratively toward those goals. From the board of directors to those with boots on the ground, it’s important that non-profit employees utilize effective communication and problem-solving skills.

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems is experienced in providing conflict resolution services for non-profits, educating teams and individuals on the most effective strategies to resolve conflict. In addition to handling current conflict, PPS provides training and coaching services to all levels of staff to increase conflict prevention. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems for conflict resolution services that can support your hardworking, not-for-profit employees.

Benefits of Conflict Resolution Services for Non-Profits

Getting the right conflict resolution service and/or conflict management training comes with a lot of benefits that impact employees and clients alike. Some of the benefits of utilizing conflict resolution services for non-profits include:

  • Enhanced communication between colleagues, board members, and clients.
  • Affordable solutions to ongoing conflict impacting productivity, outreach, and growth.
  • Prevention of legal problems or financial losses that may result from conflict.
  • Eliminated need for PR or reputation management.
  • Effective resolution skills that serve as a healthy model for clients and customers.

Conflict Management & Training for Non-Profit Organizations

Conflict resolution services for non-profits go beyond the current conflict you and your co-workers may find yourself in. The training and coaching programs provided by PPS help arm individuals with the communication, de-escalation, and problem-solving skills needed to manage conflicts early and even prevent them altogether. Recognizing when work-related stress is creating vulnerabilities among not-for-profit employees is an important prevention method and can be a positive gain from conflict management training.

From Local Charities to Nationwide Non-Profit Organizations

Whether your non-profit organization runs locally or operates at a national level, high pressure and low resources might be creating susceptibility to dispute. This type of stress can act as kindling for conflict so getting the support, advice, and education from a neutral third party experienced in conflict management can eliminate the costs of conflict before they even accrue. Organizations of any size should act promptly to address conflict management needs and make sure all employees are equipped to make sure small disagreements don’t escalate into problematic behaviors. PPS understands the unique challenges facing charities and can provide professional conflict resolution services for non-profits.

Resolving disputes in a not-for-profit workplace requires sensitivity, skill, and professionalism. Get support from one of the experienced conflict resolution services who can help your team turn conflict into a growth opportunity. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today to get the right solutions for your dedicated and passionate non-profit employees.

Conflict Resolution for Non-profits

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