Conflict Resolution for Restaurants & Bars


Patrons visit restaurants and bars to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Certainly, not to be witness to or indirect victims of disputes between restaurant staff. But just like any other type of business, those who work in the food and beverage industry often engage in conflict. Unlike many other businesses, however, when there is a conflict between food industry workers, it’s no longer a productive or relaxed environment for guests or workers, which can quickly lead to a poor reputation. That’s why conflict resolution for restaurants and bars is so important.

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems (PPS) specializes in professional conflict resolution services which can help to facilitate Win-Win solutions wherever or whenever there is conflict in restaurants and bars. With the help of an impartial third-party expert, relationships can be rebuilt and communication channels opened, so workers and patrons alike can get back to being happy at the location. Need immediate help resolving a conflict at your restaurant or bar? Contact Pollack Peacebuilding now.

From Local Restaurants to National Chains

Restaurants come in many sizes and styles, and just about all of them experience conflict from time to time. A waitress may have a disagreement with a cook or a manager. Restaurant owners and managers may have differences of opinion about to run staff. National chain restaurants may experience multiple conflicts among executives or members of the staff that quickly get out of control.

Once conflict intensifies, communication becomes next to impossible and opposing parties stop actually listening to each other. However, effective conflict resolution for restaurants and bars can happen with guidance from a conflict expert. PPS works to improve communication and empower conflicted staff members to find mutually agreeable ways of moving forward productively and peacefully.

Mediating Relationships Among Restaurant Staff

Restaurants must staff many types of individuals, each of whom has an important role in keeping the business running smoothly. When communication breaks down and staff disagrees or refuses to work in harmony with each other, it can become a tense and unpleasant environment. What’s worse is that the tension may be felt by customers.

Relational and transformative mediation services offer an opportunity for conflicted parties to brainstorm and problem-solve in order to come up with a mutually agreeable solution. PPS provides expert conflict resolutions services which include interviewing opposing sides and providing a detailed action plan to get past conflict.

Mediating Relationships Among Restaurant Executives

Executives in the food industry are usually focused on being profitable and staying competitive with other establishments in the food and beverage space. Top-level executives aren’t always in agreement on how things should be handled, and when disagreements occur, they can quickly escalate and cause operational processes to break down.

A highly trained expert in the field of conflict resolution for restaurants can help resolve disputes with a completely impartial approach. Diffusing volatile emotions is possible with the help of facilitated mediation services so that fair negotiations can be initiated and solutions discovered that consider the needs of all parties.

Conflict Resolution Services for Restaurants & Bars: Creating Better Guest & Staff Experiences

If you need the expertise of an impartial third-party to facilitate conflict resolution for restaurants or bars, Pollack Peacebuilding Systems can help. We are very experienced in facilitated mediation services, and we can help your company find a way to settle differences and transform relationships. Contact PPS today to learn more.

Conflict Resolution for Restaurants