Conflict Resolution For Schools & Colleges

Interpersonal relationships in all professional settings are not without conflict. Elementary schools and universities are certainly no exception. And while such conflicts are quite normal, they can escalate into real problems if not managed properly and swiftly. At Pollack Peacebuilding, we offer conflict resolution for schools and colleges to help resolve interpersonal or interdepartmental problems before they spiral out of control. Need immediate help resolving a conflict at your school? Contact Pollack Peacebuilding now.

From Elementary Schools To
Community Colleges to Major Universities

PPS proudly offers conflict resolution services for every type of educational setting, from elementary schools to high schools, from community colleges to major universities. Our experts in relationship mediation can help identify the roots of conflict and include detailed analysis designed to improve communication among educators, teacher performance, and administrative efficiency. We help resolve conflicts of all kinds, including those between teachers and parents as well as issues among faculty and administration. It’s our job to conduct interviews and gather as much information as we can about the people in conflict to provide detailed action plans that solve issues quickly and result in more organized, productive, and happier school environments.

Conflict Resolution for Schools and Universities

Mediating Relationships Between District & School Administrators

Conflict resolution for schools and colleges frequently focuses on district and school administrators. While both parties may have the school’s best interest in mind, the administrators may have opposite ideas on how to implement change or various educational strategies. They also may have completely different views on what methods work best for encouraging and disciplining students. Regardless of the issue, our team of conflict resolution experts work diligently to help resolve problems, rebuild relationships, and prevent messy, often public conflicts such as replacing teachers or dealing with the stigma of a high employee turnover rate. Our conflict resolution services are also designed to prevent serious financial and legal trouble that can affect schools and universities in numerous ways, including major lawsuits and bad press.

Mediating Relationships Between Teachers & Administrators

Perhaps a school administrator does not agree with a teacher’s unorthodox teaching style, or a teacher is considering quitting over the way he or she is treated by administrators. PPS provides transformative mediation services for schools that allow both parties to voice their concerns in a safe environment and work towards resolutions that suit all parties. We also help administrators establish new programs and improve existing ones to ensure continued success.

Conflict Resolution for School Boards

Group Facilitation for School Boards

Conflict Resolution for School Boards

As leaders in the community, school boards face conflict and disagreement day-to-day over a myriad of issues. As high-level decision-makers, destructive conflict with teachers, parents, administrators, staff, superintendents, and even other board members can be common for school boards. Increased political polarization additionally contributes to this conflict, sometimes making it extremely difficult to prevent, manage, and resolve. PPS offers a wide range of services to school boards looking to improve communication and incorporate effective conflict resolution skills into their meetings and interactions with the community. Want to learn better how to deal with conflict among board members in public session? Want to improve board-community relations by learning how to effectively handle public concerns with care? PPS’s training, group facilitation, and coaching programs can help you improve school board communication AND community relations.

Organizational Assessments & Interventions

Think of conflict resolution for schools and colleges as both reparative and preventative measures that mitigate problems before they become severe, costly, and public. We offer outside, unbiased coaching for individuals as well as detailed assessments of organizational cultures, to help both individuals and groups enjoy increased production levels and ultimately feel better at work. Our organizational assessment provides an overview of organizational challenges and a variety of actionable tools toward positive change.

Conflicts come in all forms. It’s our job to help conflicted parties come to a mutual understanding so they can learn to work (or work again) with their fellow employees at schools and universities before tensions spiral and negatively affect everyone who works or studies there. Don’t let conflicts fester and get worse. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding to help you enjoy a happier, more harmonious school environment.

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