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Disagreements are a natural part of the professional world but a disagreement that cannot be resolved becomes a conflict. Whether the problem is a conflict between coworkers, or even two executives and will strain the atmosphere in even the most laid-back workplace. Unfortunately, workplace conflict also tends to escalate as more employees get involved or learn of the problem. At a certain point, the conflict cannot be resolved internally and requires outside intervention. When a conflict has lasted too long, cannot be resolved internally, or has really high stakes for the company, it’s best to call in the professionals.

Pollack Peacebuilding offers a variety of professional conflict resolution services in Los Angeles including coworker mediation. Whatever the problem, we can help you find a solution! To find out more about conflict resolution in Los Angeles, contact us today!

The Cost of Conflict

Regardless of whether the problem arises between two employees or two executives, workplace conflict often has a snowball effect. What may have started as a simple misunderstanding between two individuals may quickly grow to involve most of your department or even your entire company as gossip spreads and people begin taking sides. When tensions spread from conflict, this can lead to the demoralization of employees, breakdown team structure and cause distractions. The increased strain from an escalating conflict can also cause missed deadlines and an increase in error due to both distractions and miscommunication.

Conflict between partners on a specific project can grind the entire process to a halt. Meanwhile, a conflict between executives can shake the very foundation of the business and cause significant strain for employees. This is because a conflict between high ranking members of the company threatens jobs and projects- so it is likely to make everyone more tense. Of course, when stress rises, performance falls which leads to increased errors and decreased productivity.

If a conflict is not promptly resolved, it can lead to serious consequences such as the loss of a valuable employee, lawsuits, and significant monetary costs for the company.

What You Need to Know About Conflict Resolution in Los Angeles

The goal of a professional workplace conflict resolution specialist is to settle both workplace conflict and to ensure that remaining inter-company relations are strengthened.

Finding Peace

At Pollack Peacebuilding, our trained professionals know how to create lasting peace through mutual understanding. Whatever the conflict, expert intervention can help ensure that it is resolved amicably and without loss to your company.

Laying the Groundwork for a Stronger Team

In addition to resolving conflict, our experts can help ensure that similar problems occur in the future by working with your team and teaching various workplace conflict resolution techniques that can be applied in the future. Just some of what we offer include coworker mediation techniques, communication workshops, and team-building seminars to make your employees feel more like partners and team members.

To learn more about conflict resolution in Los Angeles, contact Pollack Peacebuilding today for a free consultation.

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