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Conflict at work is never a pleasant experience. While, in most cases, the company’s employees or executives can internally resolve workplace conflict, there are cases where you need the help of professional peacebuilding from Pollack Peacebuilding. To find out more about conflict resolution in New York, contact us today!

The Cost of Conflict

Workplace conflict has a variety of potential costs. The most obvious cost, of course, is fiscal; if a conflict is not resolved, the company may lose a valuable employee or may end up owing money in a lawsuit.

However, less obvious but still important is the cost to your work environment. Conflict can increase tension in the workplace and stress your employees resulting in lower productivity, limited attention spans and even increased errors.

When to Call A Peacebuilder

If you are faced with a conflict at work, you may be wondering whether or not help is required. While there is never a wrong time to call in a specialist, here are some potential cases that can benefit from a prompt resolution:

Long-Term Conflicts: If a conflict has not successfully been resolved despite efforts by individuals within your company, it’s time to call in professional conflict resolution in New York. The longer a conflict is allowed to continue, the more destructive it can be to your work environment, which is why a prompt resolution is the best course of action.

High Stakes Conflicts: Certain cases may require the immediate involvement of a conflict resolution specialist. For instance, if conflict happens to arise between two employees who are partners on a project, the conflict may entirely prevent workflow and result in poorly done or unfinished work.

Another example of when to call right away is a conflict that arises between executive members of the company. This is because a conflict between executives can cause stress for your entire organization and may even force essential company operations to a halt.

Our Process Conflict Resolution in New York

At Pollack Peacebuilding, we tailor our process to fit each conflict. However, here is a general idea of what you can expect:
One-on-One Interviews: We tend to start with one-on-one interviews to build rapport and to understand each individual’s side of the story. This helps us come up with the best way to proceed.

Relationship Mediation: Once the peacebuilding professional has met each party individually, it is time to create a facilitated dialogue where the problem can be resolved. During this dialogue, a solution can be reached and relationships repaired.

Ensuring a Better Future: After a solution is reached, our professionals will typically follow up with each party individually in about a week. This is done to ensure that the solution is working well and that the conflict will not resurface in the future.

If you are ready to put an end to your workplace conflict, it’s time to call in a conflict resolution specialist. To learn more about conflict resolution in New York, contact Pollack Peacebuilding today for a free consultation.

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