The “PEACFL” School Program: Conflict Resolution for Schools


What is Your School’s “Organizational Type”?

PPS, in collaboration with leading educators and educational psychologists, provides conflict analysis and conflict resolution for schools and districts around the country. Framed through Basic Human Needs theory, we use a variety of assessment methods to discover systemic conflict and productivity challenges within the school or the district. Our conflict analysis tools identify each school under a particular “organizational type”, represented by 6 letters, each having to do with one of the basic needs. The ideal organizational type, which we attempt to help all schools achieve, is identified as the “PEACFL” organization. We work closely with administration, including superintendents and principles, along with faculty and students to comprehensively analyze and propose resolution to conflicts that can be affecting student performance, attendance, staff morale, and relationships with parents and the surrounding community.

Our objectives for conflict analysis at educational institutions often include:

  • Improving student performanceConflict Resolution for Schools
  • Managing and resolving conflicts within or between faculty and administration
  • Managing and resolving conflicts between school staff and parents
  • Increasing productivity and organizational efficiency across the school or district
  • Helping administration establish new and improved programs of conflict resolutions for schools

A typical program of analysis and conflict resolution for schools entails:

1) Data Collection / Assessment: interviews and surveys to quantify key points of contention within the educational system.
2) Analysis and Reporting: using the data to report on elements of the system that need immediate improvement, and problems areas that ought to be addressed preventatively.
3) Problem-Solving: collaborative methods for joint problem-solving, such as workshops and facilitated brainstorming sessions.
4) Action Plan: proposed solutions for problems areas contributing to systemic conflict and school performance.
5) Implemented Solutions: PPS facilitates or leads actionable solutions, chosen by administration, to resolve or manage conflict, increase productivity, and improve performance. Methods may include: policy or procedural changes, trainings, workshops, coaching, or other techniques.
6) Follow up and Optimize: Follow up assessments and analysis procedures every 90 days to determine the effectiveness of the program and adjust as necessary.

Inspired to Improve Our Future

Conflict Resolution for SchoolsWe believe all students have the right to an equal education. Such an endeavor requires not only an inspired faculty, supported by a well-functioning administrative body, but also intrinsically motivated students. Hence, conflict in educational institutions is complex and comprised of many moving parts. Addressing each of these parts in a systematic way is a challenging process, but PPS is passionate about this mission. We know that students hold the keys to the future of our world, and that teachers are the guides toward that future. We want to help administration function better, teachers feel more inspired and supported, and students feel more motivated and grateful for a valuable education.

Conflict resolution for schools, in a manner that improves overall performance, is not easy; but PPS can help. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding today to learn more about how our experts can assist your school or district in augmenting performance and general well-being across the board.

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