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Whether it arises at work or at home, conflict, while unpleasant, is an inevitable part of social life. If you are dealing with conflict with no resolution in sight, it may be tempting to dream about moving far away from civilization to live alone with your favorite pets. Don’t pack your bags just yet, though. We’re here to help. Pollack Peacebuilding Systems offers professional conflict resolution services in Berkeley, CA. Whether you’re dealing with workplace conflict or family dispute, our expert conflict management and relationship mediation services may be just the answer for positive change in your situation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What We Offer

While we offer a suite of reactive and proactive conflict management services, all our programs are custom-tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Our services include:

  • Workplace conflict resolution between coworkers and/or executives
  • Organizational assessments and results presentations
  • Comprehensive workplace culture transformation services
  • Executive and employee coaching to improve leadership skills, conflict management techniques, and communication
  • Onsite training and workshops for conflict resolution, communication, mediation, and more
  • Relationship mediation services for families

Workplace Conflict Resolution Services in Berkeley, CA

Even the most Zen work environment can turn sour when disputes arise. And, while most disagreements can be handled smoothly between co-workers or even managers, some situations can spin out of control requiring professional help.

If you are involved in a workplace conflict that has spiraled out of control, it may be time for Pollack Peacebuilding’s workplace conflict resolution services in Berkeley, CA. Our experts are trained to handle conflicts at all levels of business and across any industry, so whether the conflict is between two employees or on an executive level, we can help. Contact us today if you have a conflict that has not been successfully resolved within your company, a conflict that may result in the loss of a valuable employee, or even a problem that may escalate to future legal action.

Family Conflict Management Services

Family can be a great support system during life’s more challenging times. However, when conflicts arise within families, such disputes tend to feel deeply personal and emotional. At Pollack Peacebuilding, we know how difficult it can be to have a longstanding argument between family members, which is why provide family relationship mediation as part of our conflict resolution services in Berkeley, CA.
Whether the problem is between a couple, siblings, or even a parent and child, contact Pollack Peacebuilding today for our confidential and professional family conflict management services.

Conflict Resolution Training in Berkeley, CA

Conflict at work can quickly disrupt workflow and lead to decreased productivity and even botched projects. The most effective way to stop conflict from causing harm to your business is to dos o before conflict escalates. Arm your employees and managers with effective de-escalation techniques via Pollack Peacebuilding’s conflict resolution training and conflict prevention workshops. Preventative measures are always better than reactive measures.

Conflict may be inevitable, but a successful resolution is not. If improperly handled, conflict can turn a potential opportunity into a disaster. Let us help you find the opportunity in your challenges. Whether you are facing conflict at work or at home, contact Pollack Peacebuilding conflict resolution services in Berkeley, CA today for a free consultation.

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