Conflict Resolution Services Glendale


Whether you are facing a disagreement at home or at work, seeking conflict resolution services in Glendale, CA can be an important step in resolving the issue. After all, peace of mind is priceless. At Pollack Peacebuilding we know the importance of proper conflict management both at work and at home, which is why we provide a variety of conflict resolution and relationship mediation services. For immediate help, contact us now.

What We Offer

While we offer a suite of reactive and proactive conflict management services, all our programs are custom-tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Our services include:

  • Workplace conflict resolution between coworkers and/or executives
  • Organizational assessments and results presentations
  • Comprehensive workplace culture transformation services
  • Executive and employee coaching to improve leadership skills, conflict management techniques, and communication
  • Onsite training and workshops for conflict resolution, communication, mediation, and more

Workplace Conflict Resolution Services in Glendale, CA

A work-based conflict can hurt individual employees as well as the company as a whole. Even a small disagreement can quickly escalate to involve multiple individuals within a workplace which leads to increased stress for employees and managers alike. Worse still are conflicts that arise between executives, which can profoundly affect company culture and operational infrastructure.

Whatever the nature of the conflict, Pollack Peacebuilding can help through our workplace-based conflict resolution services in Glendale. Our expert consultants are not just executive coaches and workplace mediators, we are also organizational change makers.

Conflict Resolution Training in Glendale

At Pollack Peacebuilding, our conflict resolution consulting are built to do more than just handle out of control conflict. In fact, we offer specialized services to stop conflict before it starts by preparing key individuals within a company to effectively deal with disagreements. Our conflict resolution training in Glendale is geared towards managers, team leaders, and other employees. We provide tools for effectively dealing with conflict as well as actionable solutions to increase overall productivity and maximize team performance.

At Pollack Peacebuilding, we are dedicated to resolving and managing conflict wherever it may arise. We offer relationship mediation, conflict management, and conflict resolution training in a for workplaces and families. For peace of mind and a more peaceful life, contact us today for effective conflict resolution services in Glendale, CA.


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