Conflict Resolution Services Oakland, CA

Disagreements and conflicts can disrupt the flow of life regardless of whether they are happening at work or in your personal life. If you are stuck in a conflict, however, Pollack Peacebuilding’s conflict resolution services in Oakland, CA can help ensure a swift resolution. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding now.

What We Offer

While we offer a suite of reactive and proactive conflict management services, all our programs are custom-tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Our services include:

  • Workplace conflict resolution between coworkers and/or executives
  • Organizational assessments and results presentations
  • Comprehensive workplace culture transformation services
  • Executive and employee coaching to improve leadership skills, conflict management techniques, and communication
  • Onsite training and workshops for conflict resolution, communication, mediation, and more

Benefits of Utilizing Conflict Resolution Services in Oakland, CA

While some disputes may be solvable by those involved, hiring a conflict resolution consultant can result in several benefits, including:

  • Achieve conflict resolution faster
  • Ensure a favorable outcome for all parties involved
  • Receive tangible, realistic and lasting solutions
  • Learning skills that can help mitigate conflict in the future

Workplace Conflict Resolutions Services in Oakland

Conflict in the workplace can severely hinder team morale, office productivity, and ultimately revenue. While most work-based conflicts are handled by managers or executives, it may be beneficial to bring in an impartial outsider to help resolve some more difficult situations. Some cases that require a conflict management specialist may include:

  • Long-term or reoccurring conflicts among coworkers
  • Conflicts that involve two leaders, such as co-executives or business partners
  • Instances when a poorly resolved conflict may result in a lawsuit
  • Conflicts that involves the risk of losing a valuable employee
  • Disputes that have not successfully been resolved via manager intervention

Conflict Resolution Training And Skills for Leaders

At Pollack Peacebuilding, we are proud to offer conflict management and conflict resolution skills training for workplace leaders. For managers or employers, this type of training can help ensure that any workplace conflicts are resolved swiftly and efficiently.

Pollack Peacebuilding is committed to resolving conflict wherever we find it. Whether you have a conflict with family or at work, or you simply want to become a more effective leader, our conflict resolutions services in Oakland, CA can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve peace of mind!

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