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Wherever conflict arises, stress and discord soon follow. Fortunately, there is a way to nip conflict in the bud with professional help. If you are facing a problem at work, Pollack Peacebuilding offers professional conflict resolution services in San Bernardino, CA. Our services include conflict resolution consulting, conflict management service, mediation, and even workshops. If you require conflict resolution services in San Bernardino, CA contact us today!

What We Offer

While we offer a suite of reactive and proactive conflict management services, all our programs are custom-tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Our services include:

  • Workplace conflict resolution between coworkers and/or executives
  • Organizational assessments and results presentations
  • Comprehensive workplace culture transformation services
  • Executive and employee coaching to improve leadership skills, conflict management techniques, and communication
  • Onsite training and workshops for conflict resolution, communication, mediation, and more

Workplace Conflict Resolution Services in San Bernardino, CA

Conflict at work can serve as a source of stress and distraction. If not handled quickly and efficiently, a work-based conflict can derail numerous projects and cause stress to employees who may not even be directly involved in the dispute. If you are dealing with a situation at work that has gotten out of hand, it’s time to call professional conflict resolution services in San Bernardino, CA.

At Pollack Peacebuilding, we are trained to handle any work-based conflict including problems that exist between two employees, an employee and a manager, or even two executives. Our specialists can swiftly, discreetly, and efficiently restore peace and restore good order to your work environment by devising resolutions that are favorable to all parties involved.

Conflict Resolution Training in San Bernardino

Because conflict is destructive by nature, many companies often rely on their own people to handle any arising problem quickly and efficiently. However, if the in-house mediator lacks proper training, the situation can often become worse, not better. At Pollack Peacebuilding, we offer effective tools for dealing with conflict in the workplace through our conflict resolution consulting and prevention workshops.

While conflict is an inevitable part of life, a successful resolution is always possible. Regardless of whether you are facing conflict at work or at home, contact Pollack Peacebuilding for more information about our conflict resolution services today! We serve the greater San Bernadino area and surrounding cities and counties, including Fontana, Rialto, Redlands, and Rancho Cucamonga.


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