Conflict Resolution Services in Shanghai, China

Conflict at work can quickly disrupt workflow, ruin projects and even lead to the loss of a valuable employee. If you are part of an American business with Chinese workers, differences in work culture and language barriers can produce additional sources of conflict for your team. American companies in Shanghai looking for conflict resolution may find a lack of resources. Fortunately, Pollack Peacebuilding is here to help. If you need conflict resolution services in Shanghai immediately, contact us today.

We Offer:

  • Swift and efficient workplace conflict resolution services in Shanghai
  • Workplace culture integration services
  • Executive and employee leadership coaching
  • Training for communication, mediation and more
  • Conflict resolution for families

Workplace Conflict Resolution Services in Shanghai

Conflict can quickly disrupt workflow, decrease productivity, and cause unnecessary stress. While conflict can arise in any business, American companies who are working in Shanghai face additional conflict-inducing risk factors such as language barrier and work culture differences. For instance, while napping at work is frowned upon in American work culture, brief naps, even at one’s desk, are encouraged in China and other Asian countries in order to optimize productivity and prevent the afternoon slump.

Once conflict arises, it may be especially difficult to contain because the team leader may be overseas rather than on-site. If allowed to escalate, the conflict can lead to the loss of valuable employees and company resources. If you are looking for conflict resolution services in Shanghai, Pollack Peacebuilding is here to help. Our professionals can swiftly and efficiently restore peace and harmony to your work environment.

Conflict Management Services in Shanghai for Families

Whether you work for or own a company in Shanghai, you are likely spending time away from your family. A busy work schedule does not bode well with family conflict- especially if you cannot physically be there to help your loved ones.

At Pollack Peacebuilding we understand the rigors of a difficult work schedule which is why we offer flexible conflict resolution services that are geared towards Americans working in Shanghai and towards their families.

Conflict Resolution Training in Shanghai

The best way to avoid the damage that conflict can cause to your company is ensuring that your team is trained to handle problems in a way that prevents conflict from escalating. At Pollack Peacebuilding, we offer a comprehensive conflict mitigation training program for your employees. The program is focused on de-escalation techniques, conflict resolution, team building, communication, and productivity optimization.

If are looking for conflict resolution services in Shanghai, Pollack Peacebuilding is here to help with our conflict management consulting, conflict training and family conflict resolution services. Contact us today for more information.

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