Conflict Resolution For Technology Companies


If your technology or software company is experiencing conflict among co-workers or a general culture of increasing conflict, you might consider utilizing professional conflict resolution services. At Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, we provide conflict resolution for technology companies to help teams not only resolve their issues and work better together but to also mitigate the chance of conflict arising again in the future. Our job is to provide unbiased, expert conflict management and problem-solving services to help all parties move past the conflict and enjoy a happier, more productive work environment. Need immediate help resolving a conflict at your software or tech company? Contact Pollack Peacebuilding now.

From Startups To International Brands: Conflict Resolution for Technology & Software Companies

Although we have offices in the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles, our conflict resolution services are not limited to major tech companies in Silicon Valley or Silicon Beach. We extend our expertise to startups as well as major domestic and international brands all over the country. Whether members of your startup team are disagreeing over company direction, your investors or partners are continuously at odds with the C-suite, or you have entire departments in conflict, we can help mitigate risks and solve problems quickly and effectively. You don’t want a disgruntled former employee spreading unkind rumors about your startup just as it is taking off, or deal with an unhappy worker filing a lawsuit and taking their story to the press. Our aim is always to provide conflict resolution services before tensions reach a breaking point.

Meditating Relationships Between Executives at Tech Companies

When two executives are increasingly at each other’s throats, a poor example is set for the rest of the team. This can affect team morale, productivity, and revenue. Our conflict resolution for technology companies includes mediating relationships between executives, whether they recently started working together or have built the company together. Even tech executives who have known each other for years regularly experience conflict, especially as the demand for the brand grows. At PPS, we prevent conflicts from spiraling into company-wide problems and public legal battles.

Mediating Relationships Between Coworkers in Technology

Conflict resolution for technology companies also includes mediating relationships between employees. Whether the issue is personal or professional, our goal is to help your team move past their problems so no one quits prematurely. A high turnover rate is always negative in the eyes of the public as well as potential employees, and something we strive to prevent. If your tech company recently experienced a serious surge, you cannot afford to lose team members or deal with the fallout of a high quit rate. We help individuals and groups increase their productivity and feel good at work so you can focus on the bigger picture: increasing brand awareness and emphasizing why your tech is above the competition.

Organizational Assessments & Interventions for Technology Brands

If conflict is prevalent in your company culture, our conflict resolution services can also include organizational assessments to identify the root of your tech company’s issue(s) as well as provide actionable solutions for intervention. Conflict analysis and conflict management by our expert team ensure all parties feel heard, respected, and encouraged to do their best for themselves and for the company.

Don’t allow conflicts to fester and get worse. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding today to learn what our conflict resolution for technology companies can do for your team.

Conflict Resolution for Technology Companies