Conflict Resolution Training for Airline Employees

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems provides conflict resolution training workshops for airline customer service agents, flight attendants, and pilots.

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Conflict Resolution Training Workshops & Certificates for Airline Employees

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems provides conflict resolution training workshops for airline employees, including customer service agents, flight attendants, and pilots. The training is a dynamic, interactive event, specifically geared toward the airline industry whose representatives deal with live, face-to-face customers in a variety of conflicts, from minor disputes to intense, emotionally driven conflicts. The workshop involves verbal conflict resolution techniques and optional (but recommended) physical defense aimed at subduing violent passengers without harming them. Physical defense and survival training for terrorist situations is also an optional addition.

Training involves:

  • A brief overview of conflict psychology and theory
  • How to identify early warning signs of intensifying conflicts
  • Improved communication for customer service and agency reps
  • Better listening skills
  • De-escalation skills sequences
  • Enhanced ability to understand and attend to customer needs and feelings
  • How to temper feelings when emotions run high to more effectively communicate
  • Practicing empathic response rather than defensive reaction
  • Mediating disputes between team members, and between employees and customers
  • Understanding the potential long-term costs of taking momentary attacks personal
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When Standard Customer Service Training Just Won’t Cut It

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Customers of travel and hospitality services often find themselves in disputes with agencies and companies about seemingly practical issues, but are often deeply emotionally triggered; core needs, feelings, and interests can be at play and foster more intense conflicts and unmovable positions. On the other side, many customer service or airline representatives have not been given the proper tools to handle these problems. As customers’ emotions rise, sometimes customer service representatives get emotionally triggered as well; they are also people with their own needs and feelings, and when triggered, representatives may not be able to intelligently respond to a customer in a way that adequately represents the company’s policies and values. This has been evident in recent airline-customer fiascoes.

These conflicts are almost never personal, but customers take them personally, and customer service agents may also feel personally attacked. This is the setting for escalated disputes and subsequent potential for legal and public relations problems that go well beyond the initial problem, which should have and could have been resolved in a much calmer and more benign manner.

Conflict Resolution Training Can Prevent the Need for Legal or Forceful Action

The cost of better conflict resolution training for airline employees is incredibly lower than the potential lawsuits, stock drops, and public relation nightmares that result from poorly handled disputes. At PPS, we are passionate about enhancing the travel customer experience as well as improving the companies’ public perception and perceived value. We keep company values, policies, and interests in mind while training employees to effectively communicate with customers in order to create fast, suitable Win-Win solutions for all parties.

Benefits to Better Conflict Resolution Training Include:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Enhanced public perception
  • Lower long-term costs (i.e. legal, stocks, public relations, executive time and energy)
  • Less turnover (i.e. the need for firing or replacing employees involved)

To discuss conflict resolution training for your airline personnel, contact PPS today. We’d love to improve the travel experience for your customers, by keeping them safe, happy, and getting their conflicts resolved quickly. Ultimately, we pride ourselves on helping airlines improve their overall service, value, and public perception.

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