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Conflict Resolution Training for Schools and Universities

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems offers conflict resolution training for teachers to help mitigate interpersonal conflicts and their impact on the students. Our workshops are dynamic, interactive events, specifically geared toward improving communication and managing workplace conflicts more efficiently.

Conflict Resolution Training for Teachers Includes:

As an educator, when you work with Pollack Peacebuilding’s conflict resolution training for schools and universities, you can expect to experience the following:

  • A brief overview of conflict psychology and theory
  • Learning how to identify early warning signs of conflict
  • Improved overall communication skills
  • Constructing 3-part assertion messages
  • Enhanced empathy in relationships
  • Mediating disputes between fellow educators
  • Guidance handling difficult colleagues and workplace partners

Conflict Resolution in Elementary Schools, High Schools, and Colleges

There are few things that increase work stress and create toxic professional environments like a conflict between co-workers. That’s why learning conflict resolution skills is so important. From elementary schools to high schools to universities, educators face similar workplace stressors and risk for conflict with coworkers. Having the skills to navigate interpersonal stress or toxic work cultures can reduce the risk of teacher burnout and improve employee morale.

Conflict Resolution Keeps Teachers in the Classrooms

It’s no secret that being a teacher is difficult. The job comes with a wide array of pros and cons and the task of educating our children is not an easy one. Whether your career as an educator has led you to work in elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools, you’re likely to face a stressful encounter with a coworker or administrator. Teachers are already under a great deal of stress every day so interpersonal stressors shouldn’t be what makes or breaks a teacher’s longevity. By empowering educators to have the tools they need to manage interpersonal conflict, employee turnover can be reduced and students can benefit from the consistency and experience of seasoned teachers.

To discuss conflict resolution training for schools, contact PPS today. We’d love to help improve your academic workplace environment.

Conflict Resolution Training for School

Modeling Interpersonal Effectiveness for Students

One critical benefit to conflict resolution training for schools is the indirect impact it has on the students. Teachers quickly become models for the children and teenagers they lead, whether or not the teacher or the student always knows it. When interpersonal conflict arises between educators and tension prevails, the students tend to pick up on it. By empowering teachers to take the lead in their own conflict resolution, they can inherently model for students what it might be like to disagree with someone and still treat them with respect, how to manage interpersonally-triggered anxiety, and how to improve communication overall.

Bridging the Gap between Educators and Administrators

Both educators and administrators have a lot of responsibility and a lot of people to answer to. However, there are many differences between their roles and sometimes they depend on each other in ways they wish they didn’t have to. It’s common for there to be miscommunication, misunderstandings, and ruptures between departments. Perhaps administrators made a bad decision that impacts the daily responsibilities of an educator, or an educator struggles with their performance forcing administrators to confront difficult decisions. There are myriad ways these two groups of employees rely on each other and yet they both have different needs and different purposes. This increases the odds of disputes. Conflict resolution training for schools helps make sure everyone gets what they need so all school employees can focus on what matters: the children.

Empowering Educators with Interpersonal Effectiveness

Whether a teacher is dealing with another teacher, an administrator, or the parents of their students, they are likely to come across stressful situations. Arming teachers with workplace conflict resolution skills helps them manage disputes without having to escalate small issues to the principal, superintendent, or even the school board. Plus, helping teachers improve their interpersonal skills provides them leadership traits they can utilize in other areas of their life as well.

Additional Benefits to Conflict Management Skills:

There are many other reasons why school environments can benefit from conflict resolution training for teachers, including:

  • Fostering relationships
  • Creating new support systems
  • Enhancing achievement of academic goals
  • Cultivating new ideas
  • Improved self-growth
  • Increased productivity

How Does Pollack Peacebuilding Standout in Conflict Resolution Training for Schools?

At Pollack Peacebuilding, conflict management training goes above and beyond standard conflict resolution techniques. We focus on rapport, team-building, and productivity in our interactive workshops which aim to be short but impactful.

We believe utilizing conflict resolution training for schools can be the launchpad for employee bonding, inherently decreasing the odds of workplace conflict. In this workshop, employees have an opportunity to get to know each other in new ways and develop empathy for what may otherwise cause frustration.

Workplace stress can be reduced when employees have the right set of tools to manage difficult situations, and teachers face difficult situations regularly. Increasing confidence with effective skills can reduce some vulnerabilities which, left unfostered, could become conflict kindling.

In addition to our conflict resolution training for schools, Pollack Peacebuilding also offers workplace conflict management training, specialized diversity training, communications workshops, customer service training, airline employee training, police training and more! Contact us today to take the lead on improving conflict in your school’s culture.

Conflict Resolution Training for School