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Workplace conflict is the enemy of productivity and can cause serious disruption to workflow. When a conflict does arise, the best people to handle the problem promptly are often your very own employees. This is why Pollack Peacebuilding offers workplace mediation training services. To find out more about conflict resolution training in New York, contact us today!

The Cost of Conflict

Once workplace conflict arises, it becomes a source of both stress and distraction for everyone involved as well as anyone working closely with the involved parties. An overwhelmed employee is more likely to make errors and miss deadlines, which is why the swift elimination of any workplace conflict is ideal. Also, without prompt conflict management, the problem may even escalate to higher costs such as lawsuits or the loss of a valuable employee.

These losses can be avoided with conflict resolution training in New York, which will not only give your employees the tools to manage conflict but can also help increase productivity and optimize communication.

What We Offer

At Pollack Peacebuilding, we offer a variety of workshops and education courses which allows you to choose a program that best fits your company’s needs. Here are a few examples of our offerings:

Job Specific Certification: Some positions require a specialized conflict management skill set, which is why we have courses geared towards police officers and security guards, customer service representatives, and even commercial airline agents.

Connected Cultures: In today’s social climate, embracing and understanding diversity is more important than ever. A clash of cultures can often trigger conflict at work which is why Pollack Peacebuilding offers our connected cultures diversity workshop.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Workshops: At these workshops, we give your employees the tools to recognize and successfully resolve an impending conflict before damage can occur.

Communication Skills Training: Effective communication is key to a peaceful and productive work environment, which is why this workshop is particularly valuable.

Benefits of Conflict Resolution Training in New York

Here are just a few benefits of investing in Pollack Peacebuilding’s conflict resolution training in New York:

Stop Conflict Before It Starts: Most workplace conflict is preventable with the help of appropriate communication skills and mediation training. By giving your employees the tools to stop the conflict, you help eliminate any conflict-related damage because the problem will either not arise at all or will be promptly resolved by a trained individual from your very own company.

Build A Better Team: By encouraging better communication and connections between your employees, you are helping forge them into a stronger, more effective team.

Optimizing Productivity: In addition to offering a variety of conflict de-escalation tools, Pollack Peacebuilding also focuses on optimizing productivity and workflow. Our workshops create better inter-professional communication, a sense of teamwork and a stronger drive towards accomplishments.

Pollack Peacebuilding offers a variety of customized training options that are designed to fit the unique nature of your company. To learn more about conflict resolution training in New York, contact Pollack Peacebuilding today for a free consultation.

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