Pollack Peacebuilding Systems offers a variety of conflict resolution training workshops and classes for organizations of all sizes and industries. See our offerings below, or get in touch with any requests for customized training experiences.

Effective Communication for Work Relationships (Half-Day Workshop)

Learning effective listening and assertion skills is extremely important in building and maintaining healthy relationships. Great for anyone interested in improving personal relations.

Police & Security Officers (1- & 2-Day Workshops)

This workshop is specifically geared toward law enforcement personnel who regularly deal with live, face-to-face citizens in intensified or emotionally driven conflicts.

Connected Cultures Course (Half-Day Workshop)

This workshop is designed to help individuals better understand, appreciate, and discover opportunities through diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Workplace Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Half- & 1-Day Workshops)

Ideal for companies and communities, conflict management training can help ease tension within the organization, improve productivity, and create a generally happier environment.

Commercial Airline Agents (1- & 2-Day Workshops)

The training involves verbal conflict resolution techniques and optional (but recommended) physical defense aimed at subduing violent passengers without harming them.

Mutual Matters™ Training (1-Day Workshop)

Mutual Matters™ is a comprehensive workshop developed and taught exclusively by PPS for conflict resolution skills within organizations.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Customer Services Reps (Half- & 1-Day Workshops)

For companies whose representatives regularly deal with the general public, conflict resolution training is essential to increase customer satisfaction and avoid financial and legal disputes.

Online Certification Course (10-Week Course)

This conflict resolution certificate course covers a wide array of topics, with a special focus on conflict management techniques and effective communications skills.

Stop Sexual Harassment |(Half-Day Workshop)

This workshop focuses on awareness, empowerment, and confrontation skills to more effectively handle and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

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How Important is Conflict Resolution Training?

conflict resolution training

For companies, conflict can make a significant negative impact on the bottom line. Research on workplace conflict has shown how prevalent conflict can be, how it can affect productivity and profits, and how it might even lead to costly legal and financial damages from both customer- and employee-related lawsuits. Thus, conflict resolution training is imperative not simply to defend against potential damages, but also to create a happier, more productive working environment.

For individuals, we ought to remember that close relationships are the number one driver of life-long happiness. And one of the primary drivers of close relationships is the ability to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts quickly with close friends, family, and loved ones. Whether you have to deal regularly with problem-oriented family members or you simply want to deepen your relationship with a friend or significant other, learning conflict management skills is a life-changing experience. Hence, conflict resolution training is is not only important for acute problem-solving situations, but also for overall improved quality of life.