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Pollack Peacebuilding Systems offers onsite and live video presentations, speaking engagements, interactive workshops, and multiweek training courses. Our workplace conflict resolution training, workshops, and classes are for organizations of all sizes and industries. See our offerings below, or get in touch with any requests for customized training experiences.

Why Train with Pollack Peacebuilding?

Led by Experts

Subject Matter Focused

Custom Trainings

All workshops are led by experts in peace and conflict management. All our trainers have Masters and/or Doctoral degrees in their training areas, and are considered experts in the field.

We focus ONLY on subjects related to organizational conflict management and culture optimization. We are not like most training companies that claim to offer expert-led workshops in all varieties of subjects. We are specialists.

Every training is customized for each organization’s needs, goals, and specific systemic conflicts or issues. While we start with our expert-developed formats, we work with clients to thoroughly understand their company and adjust each workshop as necessary.

Our Trainings

Learning effective listening and assertion skills is extremely important in building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Conflict management training can help ease tension within the organization, improve productivity, and create an engaged culture.

This workshop is designed to help individuals better understand, appreciate, and discover opportunities through diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

This workshop is designed to help individuals learn techniques that can de-escalate emotional or potentially dangerous situations in a variety of settings.

The training helps teachers and administrators effectively manage interpersonal conflict to help improve school culture among staff and between staff and students.

The training involves verbal conflict resolution techniques and optional (but recommended) physical defense aimed at subduing violent passengers without harming them.

For companies whose representatives regularly deal with the general public, conflict resolution training is essential.

This 8-week coaching program prepares the participant for MSI’s Certified Conflict Manager™ exam.

This workshop is specifically geared toward law enforcement personnel who regularly deal with live, face-to-face citizens in intensified or emotionally driven conflicts.

This presentation focuses on awareness, empowerment, and confrontation skills to more effectively handle and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Our fluent Spanish-speaking trainers lead workshops in conflict resolution and communication.

Just about all of our programs can be modified and tailored for live, interactive online learning.

Next Steps…

Could you, your employees, or community members use conflict resolution training or help with more effective communication? Contact us to learn more about our training services.

How Important is Workplace Conflict Resolution Training?

For companies, conflict can make a significant negative impact on the bottom line. Research on workplace conflict has shown how prevalent conflict can be, how it can affect productivity and profits, and how it might even lead to costly legal and financial damages from both customer- and employee-related lawsuits. Thus, workplace conflict resolution training is imperative not simply to defend against potential damages, but also to create a happier, more productive working environment.

For individuals, we ought to remember that close relationships are the number one driver of life-long happiness. And one of the primary drivers of close relationships is the ability to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts quickly with close friends, family, and loved ones. Whether you have to deal regularly with problem-oriented family members or you simply want to deepen your relationship with a friend or significant other, learning conflict management skills is a life-changing experience. Hence, workplace conflict resolution training is is not only important for acute problem-solving situations, but also for overall improved quality of life.

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Why Invest In Workplace Conflict Resolution Training?

There are several great reasons to invest in workplace conflict resolution training both for your company and your employees:

Develop Ways to Avoid Workplace Conflict

Even a small conflict within the workplace can affect workflow due to stress, which can quickly result in missed deadlines and botched projects. The most efficient way to avoid conflict-based damage is to have a plan that helps stop conflict before it starts. Fortunately, Pollack Peacebuilding’s conflict resolution workshop has just the tools your team will need in order to stop workplace conflict before it starts.

Give Your Team The Tools to Resolve Workplace Conflict

Some conflicts can start so quickly, that they are almost impossible to contain. A fresh conflict, especially one that has not been contained despite managerial efforts, can cause major problems, which is why your team needs the tools to diffuse the situation effectively and safely before more damage can be done. At Pollack Peacebuilding, we offer conflict management training right alongside our conflict prevention because we understand that, sometimes, conflicts arise despite even the best de-escalation techniques. This is why our program offers a viable way to deal with an existing conflict for all employees in a way that is proactive and helps manage stress for all involved.

Keep Up with Changing Work-Culture

In the wake of calls for cultural diversity and the #MeToo movement, it is wise to update your work culture and to ensure that everyone feels safe and accepted. Because conflicts can get personal, individuals often get inappropriate, which is something that you don’t want in the workplace.

Create a More Effective Team

In addition to arming your employees with tools to combat future conflict, the workshops at Pollack Peacebuilding are geared towards optimizing communication and cooperation. Giving your team a chance to bond and to care for one another on a human level will not only help prevent conflict but will also facilitate future projects and help decrease stress which will create a more effective response in the face of the unexpected.

Why Invest In Personal Conflict Resolution Training

Two people at work in personal conflict resolution high fiving

Prepare for a New Role

In addition to conflict management for companies, Pollack Peacebuilding offers workplace conflict resolution training for those who either aspire toward a leadership role or are preparing to take on the responsibility of heading a team. We offer conflict management training for situations where conflict has already become a problem as well as various conflict prevention tips and tricks.

Become More Valuable

Because workplace conflict resolution training and services are a growing trend, getting certified can really help you stand out. Having the skills to resolve conflict may help you get ahead at your current job and can also make your resume stand out if you are looking to apply for a future position.

Whether you are already a company leader or are looking to get ahead with a unique new skillset, Pollack Peacebuilding will help you with our many tailored conflict resolution training modules. Contact us today.

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