Workplace Conflict Resolution & Transformation Services

Your team deserves more peace and less stress! We've helped hundreds of companies, just like yours, achieve greater peace, healthier relationships, and more productive work environments. With proven strategies for workplace peacebuilding, PPS can be your guide to a happier, healthier team.

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Coworker Conflict Transformation

Your team deserves more peace and less stress! We've helped hundreds of companies, just like yours, achieve greater peace, healthier relationships, and more productive work environments. With proven strategies for workplace peacebuilding, PPS can be your guide to a happier, healthier team.

To get help with a conflict quickly, schedule a free consultation today.

The Workplace
Peacemaking Program

Our peacemaking program has served hundreds of employees and organizations achieve happier, healthier relationships. Peacemaking typically involves individual coaching and dialogue facilitation between parties that aim to resolve conflicts and transform relationships. While each situation is unique, below are the typical steps to our Workplace Peacemaking program.
One-on-One Interviews
Every peacemaking effort begins with individual meetings between the peacebuilder and each participant involved. These sessions serve as both a deep dive into the issues as well as an opportunity to coach and prepare each participant to engage in constructive dialogue.
Facilitated Dialogue
Based on the individual interviews, the peacebuilder determines who to involve in dyadic dialogue sessions, facilitated by the peacebuilder. The goal will be to reconcile grievances and create an agreement or plan to move forward productively in the working relationship.
Follow-Up Coaching

After the dialogues and agreements, the peacebuilder has a series of coaching sessions with each participant to make sure the solutions are working. Rebuilding trust is an ongoing process, which requires consistent monitoring, assessment, and adjustment.

What is Conflict Transformation?

Conflict transformation is a process that involves a variety of conflict intervention methods aimed at both reducing current issues and preventing future conflicts. It is a long-term, systemic approach to peacebuilding, which addresses current, acute issues between individuals as well as cultural, procedural, and structural elements that are allowing for the presenting issues to emerge. Transformative processes in organizations, therefore, work toward change at the interpersonal and cultural levels.
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Conflict Resolution Services Get Results

In addition to improved human engagement, morale, and mental-emotional health, the most important result of our services is organizational effectiveness. Here are a few satisfied clients.

“I hired Jeremy to help with some interpersonal conflicts at work. The conflicts affected the organization to the point that valuable employees might quit, or have to be let go. In just a few sessions, Jeremy guided us through a process that turned things around.”

– Simone McGinnis, General Manager, Val Vista Lakes Community Association

“PPS was a big help in an HR issue at where we felt we needed third party objectivity without the heavy hand of a lawyer or investigator. PPS was able to assess the situation and gain the trust of both the employee and management and accurately assessed a workable path forward. Our organization learned much from an experience that ultimately resulted in a more peaceful, harmonious workplace.”

– Peter Connery, Vice President, Applied Survey Research

“As the CEO of a growing business, PPS has helped my corporation in so many ways…all of which have translated into positive factors such as elevated productivity, a more contented and productive work environment and, most importantly, a reduction of conflict and hostility.”

– Alan Sitomer, CEO, Mastery Coding

In-Person or Online Mediation Services

Pollack Peacebuilding can train your team remotely using our online mediation services. We create a customized strategy for assisting your team by developing winning conflict resolution plans. This program aims to resolve ongoing disputes between people and teams. Our online mediation places an emphasis on problem-solving and mending damaged relationships.

examples of diversity conflict in the workplace

All Industries Benefit from Conflict Resolution Services

Professionals in any industry can benefit from knowing how to resolve conflicts. Conflict resolution is more than just one strategy and is an adaptive process of communication and transformation. Our professional peacebuilders can help improve an employee's capacity for handling difficult situations more effectively. Handling challenging conversations in conflict resolution is crucial for success.

Training Can Resolve Conflicts Before They Arise

Before a disagreement arises, your team can be trained to settle it. Disagreements among employees are inevitable. Conflict arises in every industry, whether it is because of misunderstandings about who did what, conflicts of opinions, or problems with interpersonal relationships. Your company's success will greatly depend on how employees handle those situations effectively. Staff can transform a potential crisis into a fruitful dialogue by putting the appropriate communication techniques in place before a workplace disagreement occurs.
Dealing With Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict Management Workshop

For managers, executives, and other organizational leaders, we offer instructor-led conflict management training courses and seminars. Our training sessions can be attended live in-person or via live video streaming. We are committed to enhancing the workplace culture and environment for all of your staff members. To foster peaceful and more productive work environments, we teach employees how to successfully communicate with one another. This is done while also encouraging employees to keep business values and policies in alignment with your company goals.

Conflict Resolution Workshop

Our exceptional peacebuilding practitioners conduct each workshop. Our trainers put the information taught to your employees into practice. The leading organizational peacebuilders teach in seminars what was already observed to be effective in practical settings. Every training is tailored to the needs, objectives, and particular systemic problems or issues of each industry. We start each workshop with a professionally created template packed with useful information. Our workshop facilitators work closely with your staff so that they fully comprehend conflict resolution. We modify each session as appropriate to fit the needs of your company.

Communication Skills Workshop

The best strategy for establishing a strong and lasting workplace relationship after a disagreement is to open up lines of communication between the involved parties. This enables both parties to confirm that the agreement's terms are being followed. Open communication makes it simpler for participants to overcome obstacles without jeopardizing any previous progress. It's critical to comprehend how your team can put these talents to use when a disagreement arises. Mastering them can help you and your team handle problems and stop them from spiraling out of control.

De-Escalation Workshop

De-escalation training workshops are beneficial for employees who frequently interact with emotionally volatile customers or the general public. These training sessions are also great for those who wish to be ready for a variety of difficult conversations. The PPS de-escalation skills training workshop benefits employees who deal with the event goers and helps the management team handle everyday issues between employees. This course presents easy-to-practice strategies that can be implemented under pressure. Trained staff will respond to extreme workplace situations by applying our strategies.

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