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Avoid Valuable Employee Turnover
With PPS' conflict resolution services, you're more likely to avoid costly replacement of valuable personnel.
Mitigate Legal & Financial Risks
If conflicts are resolved amicably and mutually, the risk of expensive legal matters is diminished.
Improve Office Morale & Work Productivity
Conflict negatively impacts workplace happiness, which negatively influences productivity.
Get Your Workplace Back on Track
A happy workplace with better relationships leads to efficiency, innovation, and greater revenue.

Don't Avoid Conflict or Let it Fester. It Only Gets Worse!

Avoiding or ignoring conflict will not help. Pollack Peacebuilding’s conflict resolution services directly address the matter in a healthy, productive process. Our goal is to help all individuals or teams involved arrive at mutually agreeable ways of moving forward. We aim to transform and rebuild relationships at work as well as increase parties’ abilities to work productively and creatively together.

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