De-Escalation Training Workshop for Leaders, Coworkers, & Customer Service

Pollack Peacebuilding’s De-Escalation Training Workshop provides insights and tools to help those who may be required to handle emotionally escalated employees, coworkers, or customers. By learning the psychology of conflict and aggression as well as underlying causes and self-regulation tactics, workshop members can walk away feeling confident in their ability to keep a bad situation from getting worse and to manage their own emotional reactions in the process.

PPS’ De-Escalation Training Workshop Involves:

This de-escalation training workshop helps those who face emotionally triggered individuals regularly or those who want to be prepared in the event of a unique, stressful situation. The workshop provides you with the following conflict resolution and de-escalation skills:

  • Recognizing early warning signs of aggressive behavior before it escalates
  • Managing your own emotional needs and how to remain safe
  • Slowing down intense emotional reactivity
  • Techniques for calming individuals and oneself
  • Utilizing the proper body language, tone, and phrasing to de-escalate the situation
  • Handling intense situations with the priority of keeping everyone involved as safe as possible

Benefits of De-Escalation Training
Pollack Peacebuilding’s De-Escalation Training Workshop helps everyday coworkers and leaders as well as those who face the general public. All of us are occasionally presented with unpredictable situations that could feel overwhelming or dangerous. Emotions understandably run high when you feel that your needs, feeling, or safety or the safety of those around you is in jeopardy. This training teaches clear and straightforward tactics that can be practiced and easily recalled in stressful situations. The skills are easy to remember, and practicing them when you don’t need them can sharpen your ability to implement them when you do.

Who Can Benefit Most from De-Escalation Training
De-escalation training can benefit employees of any office or industry. We have custom-designed workshops for leaders, customer service agents, security officers, police officers, event managers and staff, or any client services professionals who handle live, face-to-face interactions with the general public. For all employees, conflict resolution and de-escalation skills can be useful for handling unpredictable situations where individuals may be unexpectedly triggered or chronically aggressive.

de-escalation skills training

Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation Skills

coworker de-escalation skills training workshop

Recognize the Early Warning Signs
Aggressive behavior usually seems to come out of nowhere. But if you’re properly trained, oftentimes you may be able to notice small warning signs that can indicate an angry person is about to become a safety risk. Learn those warning signs and the different types of aggression so that you can understand what the individual needs instead of what will make things worse.

Remain Calm
If you’re beyond your window of tolerance and feel flustered by the conflict, you won’t have a clear mind to handle the situation effectively. This training can help you learn self-regulation techniques to keep your rational mind engaged so you can neutralize the risk and not escalate the situation with your own anxiety.

Communicate Effectively
When someone is in a combative state, they’re difficult to connect with emotionally. Specific approaches are needed in order to handle this sensitive situation properly. Learn the skills for communicating effectively so you can extinguish the threat and connect with the aggressive individual on a calmer basis.

Aggressive individuals can be difficult to handle, especially if your job requires you to be alert around the clock. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today to get the most from this De-Escalation Training Workshop for you or your employees.

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