Free Mediation Services

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems offers up to five hours per month of free mediation services to individuals experiencing hardships as well as to nonprofit organizations. Read a bit more below about how we might help through mediation or conflict resolution, or email us with a bit about your situation to see if you qualify.

Conflict as Growth and Opportunity

resolving conflictConflict is as old as time; as long as there are two autonomous individuals, there will be conflict. To have conflict is to have needs and interests that do not align. Oftentimes, people speak of content in a negative light because of the disharmony it can bring. In mediation services, we see conflict as a process that helps us become better communicators and healthier human beings.

Conflict can be beautiful if done right, if resolved. It brings about transformation in environments that have grown stagnant or ugly. Conflict resolution services not only help resolve conflict but also develop us into people who understand ourselves better and understand others better. Pollack Peacebuilding offers free mediation service to nonprofit organizations as well as to those individuals experiencing financial hardship, because finances should not hinder you from getting help to resolve conflicts. Having a third party to walk through the details of the situation can help, and an unbiased third pair of eyes can see solutions that might be otherwise concealed by emotion. Important relationships require communication and sacrifice, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Compromise as Win-Win

workplace conflict mediation servicesWe believe in the Win-Win solution, a perspective that’s counter to the popular idea that in order to be a winner, someone else has to be a loser. With Pollack Peacebuilding’s conflict resolution services, we have seen the transformative power of approaching conflict with this perspective.

Not only are our free mediation services grounded in the win-win solution, but our strategy is based on science and has anthropological roots as well. We know that peace comes from an understanding of oneself first and others second, and we strive to encourage that through our services.

Our Strategy

As mediators, we take the time to understand both sides of the conflict. An important aspect of our mediation services is allowing for a safe, protected space for both parties to speak honestly. This may look like one-on-one meetings with each party separately or a meeting between the two parties, facilitated by the mediator. We understand the way emotions can cloud discussions, but the mediator can bring potential solutions from one party to the other, sparing them the hurt feelings and angry words that can come from a defensive stance.

Our goal as mediators is to help you make progress; not only will you be closer to reaching a place of peace for both parties, but you will be better equipped for the next time conflict arises. We also take your privacy seriously; your business is our business, but your secrets stay with us.

Nonprofit organizations and those who are not in financially stable situations can benefit from our free mediation services. We at Pollack Peacebuilding genuinely believe that conflict resolution and mediation can help foster long-term healthier work environment and happier relationships. Please contact Pollack Peacebuilding to learn more if you think you could use mediation help. Let us know some of the details of your situation to see if you qualify for free mediation services.