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Conflict Resolution Job Overview & Description

Conflict Resolution Specialist wanted to represent Pollack Peacebuilding Systems in major cities across the U.S. You must have expertise in consulting and coaching individuals to handle interpersonal and/or professional conflicts and/or negotiations in an action-oriented manner (not a psychotherapeutic approach). You will be conducting relationship-centered mediation or facilitated dialogue between parties in conflict, especially between coworkers in a workplace environment. These are currently part-time, independent contractor positions.

These are not legal or financial mediations, but rather relationship-focused. In other words, we help families, business partners, work teams, and groups find their ways back to peaceful, productive relationships. You must be able to facilitate problem-solving mediation sessions in corporate settings (i.e. between co-workers, business partners, etc.).

Attorneys or mediators without experience or training in transformative work or psychology will not be suitable for our consulting positions.


1) Graduate-level degree (Masters or Doctorate) in one of the following areas:

Conflict Resolution, Conflict & Peace Studies, Human Resources, Psychology, Social Work, or a relevant field.

2) Documented training or certificate in conflict resolution and/or mediation and/or negotiation

3) 5+ years of interpersonal mediation, conflict consulting, and/or coaching – at least 3 testimonials & references from past clients


Consultants make approximately $175/hour to $250/hour, depending on the job and service. Compensation determined and offered on a per-project basis. These are independent contractor positions, and contract jobs are offered as they arise.


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