Conflict Resolution & De-Escalation Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jeremy Pollack, Ph.D.

At Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse, comprehensive range of conflict management services, including keynote presentations on conflict resolution and de-escalation.

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Jeremy Pollack, is a frequent conflict resolution keynote speaker for conflict resolution and de-escalation skills at events and conferences throughout the country, which help professionals learn about the power of effective conflict resolution and de-escalation strategies in the workplace and beyond. He is recognized as the best speaker in this field, offering invaluable insights and practical solutions.

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Why Have a Keynote on Conflict Resolution?

Jeremy presenting research on religion and conflict at the Human Behavior & Evolution Society Conference 2017

Keynote speakers are distinguished professionals who deliver speeches designed to set the tone and summarize the core message or most important revelation of an event. Conflict resolution keynote speakers specialize in addressing disputes and promoting peace, particularly in the workplace or in large groups.

These experts use their speeches to introduce new perspectives and strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts effectively. Conflict resolution keynote speakers often combine expertise in psychology, business, and communication to inspire and guide audiences toward more harmonious interactions and solutions. Their presentations are pivotal, aiming to transform the approach to conflict within organizations.

Scheduling Dr. Jeremy Pollack as one of the keynote speakers on conflict management or de-escalation skills at your next business leaders conference or seminar offers several benefits. Every single member of the audience receives a thorough education on conflict management or de-escalation, including how most conflicts start, what the driving factors are, and how to resolve them without further escalation.

As a conflict management specialist, Dr. Pollack stays up-to-date on the latest research and techniques for maintaining a peaceful, productive work environment, which he happily shares with his audiences. He pulls essential takeaways from recent research and turns them into digestible tidbits, which allows audience members to walk away with practical action steps.

Jeremy understands that transforming any work environment takes time and effort, and subsequently provides actionable advice his audiences can use in real life. As a motivational speaker on conflict management and resolution, his overriding goal is always to help his audiences walk away with resources and tools they can apply to their workplaces and reap the results, such as lower turnover rates, happier employees, and more harmonious work relationships.

Common Keynote Topics Presented

Keynote presentation conflict resolution services from Jeremy typically cover a range of topics to provide audiences with a comprehensive jump-start on their workplace conflict education. Among the topics typically covered include:

Conflict Resolution Skills

Acquiring conflict management skills starts with identifying and understanding the psychological dynamics accounting for workplace issues, such as feelings of resentment and problems relating to “fairness” and favoritism.

Renowned as one of the best conflict management speakers, Jeremy focuses on helping his audiences transition from reactive to proactive responses since emotional reactions often result in deeper conflicts and increased workplace tension.

He emphasizes active listening, or truly listening to others without any distractions, as well as dialogue skills. It’s not always what you say, but how you say it that can result in calm or heated reactions.

Conflict resolution skill topics also include coming up with new, creative ways of resolving workplace issues in healthy ways. Effective, lasting resolutions can sometimes require outside mediation since professional mediators are objective, active listeners who provide tools for dealing with conflicts quickly and effectively.

De-escalation & Communication Skills

Learning how to defuse workplace issues without further tension is a skill that takes time to master, as are healthy communication skills. Jeremy provides the foundation for acquiring these skills at a faster pace.

He encourages courageous, honest conversations among team members, promotes awareness-building and empathy, and emphasizes a deeper understanding of common communication roadblocks.

For example, he often discusses how body language and tone either help or hinder workplace conflicts and what improvements can be made, if applicable.

By providing his audiences with a foundation in conflict management, Jeremy makes it possible for attendees to build on what they learned and apply their skills in the workplace when necessary.

Jeremy Pollack presenting at HR World 219

How to Work with Dr. Jeremy Pollack

Engaging with Dr. Jeremy Pollack, one of the foremost conflict resolution keynote speakers and communication experts, can significantly enhance your event by delivering tailor-made presentations that address the specific needs and challenges of your organization.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to hire Dr. Pollack as a speaker, emphasizing how the talk can be customized to meet the unique demands of your clients.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Start by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Pollack’s team. This initial meeting is crucial as it helps both parties understand the specific requirements and objectives of your business.

During this consultation, you will discuss the themes and issues your company is facing, which will allow Dr. Pollack to align his ideas and strategies with your expectations.

As a thought leader and best-selling author, Dr. Pollack brings a wealth of knowledge about human behavior and communication to the table, ensuring that the content of his speeches is both relevant and transformative.

Step 2: Customizing the Presentation

Dr. Pollack understands that each business is unique, with its own culture, challenges, and goals. He customizes his presentations to resonate with the specific audience, incorporating relevant case studies and insights that reflect the past experiences and future aspirations of the company.

Whether your focus is on enhancing team dynamics, boosting confidence in leadership, or fostering a culture of respect and innovation, Dr. Pollack tailors his speeches to address these needs.

His role as one of the top conflict management speakers and communication experts enables him to craft messages that not only teach but also inspire and motivate.

Step 3: Engaging the Audience

As a best-selling author and speaker, Dr. Pollack excels in engaging his audience through interactive discussions and compelling storytelling. His presentations are designed to encourage participation and are rich with practical solutions and actionable advice.

The goal is to empower your team and leaders to apply these new skills immediately, fostering a more harmonious and productive workplace. His expertise helps embrace new perspectives and strategies that lead to lasting success.

Step 4: Follow-Up for Lasting Impact

After the event, Dr. Pollack’s involvement does not just end; he provides follow-up resources and support to ensure that the strategies discussed are implemented effectively within the organization.

This might include additional workshops, webinars, or coaching sessions with leaders to reinforce the key principles and practices covered during the keynote. His commitment to success and confidence building makes him a valuable ongoing resource for your business.

Step 5: Evaluating Outcomes

Finally, evaluate the impact of Dr. Pollack’s presentation on your team and organization. This assessment helps in measuring the success of the event in terms of improved communication, reduced conflicts, and overall workplace satisfaction.

Feedback from this evaluation can be used to plan further training and development initiatives, ensuring that the positive changes initiated by Dr. Pollack’s keynote continue to evolve and inspire.

Hire Dr. Jeremy Pollack as a Keynote Speaker in Conflict Resolution

If you would like Dr. Pollack, one of the best conflict management speakers, to speak at your next conference, please schedule a free consultation with our team. We’d love to learn about your event and determine the best way to contribute.