Principles of Peace: Our Mission Statement

Primary Goal: Unity

With every service we provide and every interaction we have, we are led by this guiding question: How and why do we believe this course will create greater peace? If we cannot clearly designate or articulate why and how it may build peace, we must change course.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring more peace and unity into this world. Whether it’s between individuals, within a company, or among communities, our conflict experts strive to improve relationships, create happier living and work environments, and make the world a better place to inhabit, in any modest way can.

Vision Statement

That every family member, employee, and leader we assist has the skills, tools, and structures in place to contribute positively to their relationships, their work, their community, and their personal success.

Guiding Principles

As we travel through our workplaces and our communities to support peace processes, we hold these principles as our foundation and our compass toward a more peaceful tomorrow.
Transformation and Opportunity
We are committed to providing services and processes that support a transformational shift for our clients to help them find clarity in confusion and opportunity in conflict.
Resilience and Sustainability
We are committed to supporting our clients to discover action-oriented and forward-thinking solutions that promote individual and systemic resiliency and sustainability.
Learner and Practitioner
We are committed to being experts in the peacemaking psychology field through education, self-awareness and reflection, and through critical thinking and conflict analysis. We are equally committed to bridging our expertise to the practice of peacemaking through regular and ongoing services with organizations, families, and communities.
Self-Determination and Impartiality
We are committed to being an impartial party and providing processes and tools to promote party self-determination. We are committed to enabling our clients to take control of their unique situation and find meaningful and satisfying pathways forward.
Passion for Peace
Above all, we are committed and driven to promote peace in our communities by supporting the compassionate understanding of others, respectful assertion of needs, and collaborative dialogue in conflict.

Theory of Change

That every family member, employee, and leader we assist has the skills, tools, and structures in place to contribute positively to their relationships, their work, their community, and their personal success. Read our Theory of Change statement to see how shifts in workplace culture affect the broader culture.


A process of goal-mapping called Theory of Change asserts that long-term change in an organization or society is achieved by identifying all the necessary preconditions needed to reach such change. For Pollack Peacebuilding Systems (PPS), this begs another question: If our goal is to change our conflict-rich culture into a culture rooted in peace and healthy conflict engagement, what are the necessary preconditions we must meet to reach that goal?

Considering the fact that the US and much of the world is capitalistic, we can argue that our workplaces shape our cultures. We at PPS believe that by changing our mindset on how we interact with each other and with conflict at the workplace, we can gradually change our culture. By doing this, we bring more peace into our culture and world, making it a better place to live for everyone.

Considering this, Pollack Peacebuilding Systems aims to empower organizations to create this positive change. Through our services, we believe that we not only benefit the workplace, but impact interpersonal relationships, political dialogue, societal tensions, and all other areas of life where conflict can run rampant. While conflict is an inevitable part of life, it can be productive and positive or hostile and negative, depending on how we respond to it. By showing employees, leaders, and organizations how to deal with conflict effectively at work, we empower them to work towards positive change in their own communities and ultimately in the broader culture.

We believe that this positive change is not restricted to the workplace, but is rooted in a commitment to peace-oriented conflict engagement, which can be applied to friendships, relationships, societal dialogue, and through the concept of theory of change, the broader culture.

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