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1-Day Training for Improved Communication & Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems is the creator of Mutual Matters™: The Essentials of Conflict Resolution Through Learning and Play, a comprehensive but efficient conflict resolution training workshop designed for employees, managers, and executives at organizations. The workshop is a dynamic, fun, interactive event, specifically geared toward improving communication and resolving workplace conflicts more effectively.

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Mutual Matters™ Training Objectives include:

  • A brief overview of conflict psychology and theory
  • How to identify the underlying issues in a conflict
  • Understanding the core needs and fears of individuals in conflict
  • Improved dialogue skills
  • Better listening skills
  • Creative Techniques toward resolving conflicts for mutual benefit
  • Enhanced ability to understand and attend to co-worker needs and feelings
  • Mediating disputes between team members, and between employees and customers
  • Guidance in handling difficult personality types

Office Conflict Can Be Toxic

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There is almost nothing more toxic to the work environment and interoffice morale than conflict between coworkers, or between staff and management. That’s why learning enhanced communication skills and conflict resolution techniques is an incredible asset to the company culture. Of course, executives and management trained in conflict management skills is an exceptional element at any company, but when the whole staff has some training in effective, non-aggressive communication and conflict resolution techniques, company culture becomes tremendously enhanced.

Mutual Matters™ Training Can Help Prevent Legal or Financial Problems

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The cost of better conflict resolution training for companies is incredibly lower than the potential lawsuits and public relation fiascoes that result from poorly handled internal conflicts or customer disputes. At PPS, we are passionate about improving the employee and customer experiences, as well as the overall office environment. We keep company values, policies, and interests in mind while training employees to effectively communicate and resolve conflicts in order to create happier, more productive working atmospheres.

Benefits to Mutual Matters™ Training Include:

  • Executives, managers, and employees optimize their interoffice relationships
  • Improve interpersonal communication and thus productivity throughout the company
  • Solution-focused problem solving to resolve difficult personnel challenges and customer disputes
  • Ward off spiraling conflicts that could lead to legal and financial damages
  • Turn conflicts into opportunities
  • Help staff spend less time managing problems in order to spend more time running the company
  • Create a happier, more productive work environment
  • Resolve problems before they begin, grow, and/or fester

To discuss conflict resolution training for your company or organization, contact PPS today. We’d love to help improve your workplace environment and enhance your overall brand.

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