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PPS offers consulting services for parties experiencing conflict in all varieties of situations and dynamics. From individuals to groups, interpersonal conflicts to business disputes, our negotiation and conflict resolution consultants have experience navigating acute challenges and longstanding problems. PPS consultants are experts in the psychology of conflict, negotiation, mediation, and peacebuilding methodologies.

Conflict Management

Whether you’re experiencing a personal or professional relationship challenge, PPS can help. We’re experts in resolving interpersonal conflicts, with the aim of getting all parties’ needs fulfilled.

Dispute Resolution

Have a specific personal, legal, financial, or professional matter over which you’re currently in dispute? PPS consultants have years of dispute resolution experience, in B2C, B2B, and person-to-person.


If you’re anticipating an important negotiation, you may find consulting or coaching quite a worthwhile investment. PPS consultants are professional negotiators who aim to coach you toward the Win.

Our Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Approach

We employ a needs-based approach to conflict, focusing on collaborative problem-solving to satisfy all parties’ needs whenever possible. Although distributive negotiations are sometimes necessary due to the particular circumstances of the situation, PPS consultants typically focus on interests-based negotiations. Again, concentrating on interests rather than positions, on needs and feelings rather than stories, often helps to reveal the true conflict and thus the most effective solutions. Our aim, whenever applicable in the particular conflict or negotiation setting, is to help parties arrive at Win-Win solutions, where each party feels empowered and satisfied, and hopefully that the relationship has transformed for the better.

Next Steps…

Could you use a negotiation and conflict resolution consultant to help navigate an important relationship, dispute, or negotiation? Call PPS today to get started on effective strategies for Win-Win outcomes. Our conflict specialists can help you achieve the outcome you’re looking for and perhaps even improve your relationship with the other party.

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