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Pollack Peacebuilding Systems provides effective onsite and online conflict resolution training for individuals and companies, especially those who may work remotely and can benefit from online collaboration. Whether onsite or online, the training is live, dynamic, interactive, and specifically geared toward improving communication and mitigating conflicts more efficiently.

Types of Online Workshops and Conflict Resolution Training

Why train with Pollack Peacebuilding? Because all of our training is:

  • Led by experts in the field of peace and conflict management
  • Focused only on subjects related to organizational conflict management and culture optimization
  • Customized to each organization’s needs, goals, and specific system of conflict
  • A flexible fit for remote teams or employees who span the globe but rely on each other

Interactive online conflict resolution training that is customized to meet the specific needs of your business can include:

Conflict Resolution Skills Training

Our conflict resolution skills training workshops include a variety of modules about how better to handle conflict, both as a leader and a coworker. In addition to online communication skills training, participants will learn ways to avoid workplace conflict, resolve it when it arises, and keep up with ever-evolving workplace cultures.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

This workshop intends to enlighten individuals on ways to better understand, appreciate, and discover the benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion.

Customer Service Training

Our customized customer service live video workshop can support companies whose representatives regularly engage with the general public. This training is a key factor in empowering customer service reps to deescalate potential conflicts, saving the company on legal and financial disputes while, instead, increasing customer satisfaction.

Sexual Harassment Training

This live video workshop enhances awareness, empowerment, and confrontation skills allowing employees to be more effective in handling and preventing workplace sexual harassment.

De-Escalation Training

Our de-escalation workshop teaches techniques to manage emotional or potentially dangerous situations where conflict can escalate quickly. This is especially useful for those who work with the general public, including law enforcement, event staff, or customer service agents.

Employee workplace training in meeting room
Employee workplace training in meeting room
Employee online workplace training one computer on Zoom

Benefits of Online Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, including lost revenue, high attrition rates, lawsuits, and reputation failure. Not only can conflict management training prevent these negative consequences, it can lend itself to a more positive, collaborative, and innovative work environment. Statistics on workplace conflict show more can be gained through effective communication, diversity and inclusion, and well-trained employees who can adapt to unpredictable situations. Other benefits to online conflict resolution training include:

  • Flexible and collaborative training environment for all employees whether in the room or out of the country.
  • Building better relationships with in-house teams, business partners, customers, and vendors alike.
  • Increased productivity, morale, and revenue

Why Invest in Conflict Resolution Training

In addition to empowering your employees to tackle tough and unpredictable situations in a way that makes them feel safe and in control, this training can help optimize communication and cooperation among team members, strengthening responses and assisting in overall productivity.

To learn more about our online conflict resolution training, contact PPS today. We look forward to supporting your team toward building a more peaceful and productive culture.

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