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Pollack Peacebuilding Systems offers comprehensive workplace mediation services tailored to address current and potential disputes in the workplace. Our approach includes mediation, conflict resolution, and alternative dispute resolution techniques designed to foster a harmonious working environment.

One of our online mediation services is our Peacemaking Program, which is now available for remote workers. This program is adept at resolving conflict that frequently arises in remote settings, ensuring that employees maintain productivity and collaboration. Our workplace mediators are trained to facilitate difficult conversations, guiding involved parties toward a mutually acceptable resolution.

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Benefits of Online Workplace Mediation Services

Our online workplace mediation services are not just a reactionary measure but are integral to our proactive strategy for nurturing a positive work environment. These services are meticulously crafted by our internal mediation service team to provide comprehensive support and benefits that include:

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  1. Reduced workplace conflicts through regular mediation training and skill development. By equipping employees with essential mediation skills, we empower them to identify and address potential tensions early, preventing these issues from escalating into major disruptions.
  2. Enhanced mediation skills among employees, enabling them to effectively manage disputes before they become significant problems. This mediation training not only helps in conflict resolution but also boosts the overall resilience of teams against future conflicts.
  3. A confidential process that ensures all parties involved feel safe to express their concerns. This privacy is crucial as it encourages openness and honesty during mediation sessions, factors that are essential for achieving a positive outcome.
  4. Mediation that fosters a positive outcome, enhancing team dynamics and employee satisfaction. Our skilled workplace mediators guide employees through the resolution process, ensuring that every individual feels heard and valued, which strengthens the team’s cohesion.
  5. Proactive engagement from workplace mediators who are trained to intervene as soon as signs of conflict arise. This timely intervention helps to maintain stability and continuity within the workplace, minimizing disruption to daily operations.
  6. Our services extend beyond immediate mediation to include ongoing support and advice, ensuring that employees continue to apply their new mediation skills in everyday interactions within the workplace.

The Peacemaking Program: Conflict Resolution, Problem-Solving, & Relationship Rebuilding

Online Workplace Mediation Services

The Peacemaking Program is structured to tackle the core issues that lead to workplace discord through a series of strategic interventions. These interventions are designed by experienced mediators who specialize in workplace mediation.

The Peacemaking Program focuses on three main areas when addressing current conflict impacting employees. Those areas are Conflict Resolution, Problem-Solving, and Relationship Rebuilding.

To address all three, your Peacemaking Program facilitator will follow these steps:

1. One-on-One Interviews & Coaching

online mediation services

Once each member of the dispute agrees to participate in a facilitated dialogue, the live video mediation service begins with individual online meetings between the mediator and each party involved in the conflict. These interviews emphasize the importance of building trust between the mediator and each participant and help the mediator understand the unique perspectives of each individual.

Utilizing this opportunity to begin skill-building, the mediator will also support each participant in understanding what lies beneath the conflict as well as how to communicate more effectively during the next phase. This thought-provoking approach ensures that all parties involved are prepared to engage constructively in the mediation process.

2. Facilitated Dialogue

Utilizing the information and rapport developed in the first stage, the mediators will determine who to engage in virtual dyadic dialogue sessions. With expert conflict psychology and peacebuilding methods in tow, the mediators will unite the conflicted parties to begin resolution efforts. This confidential process ensures that all discussions remain private, fostering a safe environment for open and honest communication.

This dialogue facilitation is unique for every situation and tailored by each individual mediator, and it is where true relationship transformation occurs. Employing advanced conflict management techniques, our mediators facilitate a dynamic exchange that respects the needs of all parties involved. With online mediation services available to all participants, it doesn’t matter if they work in the same location or if each participant works remotely—a powerful and impactful dialogue can unfold through the power of technology.

3. One-on-One Follow-Up Coaching

A week after dialogue facilitation, the mediators will meet individually with each participant with the aim of creating an actionable plan with measurable goals to take into the future. This relationship mediation for the workplace is intended to get each participant to agree upon the goals and practices, which will reestablish a peaceful and effective working relationship. This phase of the mediation process is crucial in ensuring that employees maintain the momentum gained from the initial mediation sessions.

The follow-up helps keep each participant on track toward the solutions they seek and supports adjustments that may become needed along the way. This personalized approach allows mediators to tailor their coaching to the specific needs of the employees, reinforcing the skills and strategies needed to sustain harmony in the workplace.

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