One of the first and most frequently asked questions we receive, of course, is “How Much Do Conflict Resolution Services & Mediation Cost?” Of course, every situation is unique, and the costs all depend on the type of mediation service, intervention, or conflict resolution training necessary, as well as the hours it will take. However, in the spirit of transparency, below are our standard rates for various conflict management services to give you a general idea of how much conflict resolution and mediation services will cost. For an actual quote on services, please contact Pollack Peacebuilding.


Conflict Resolution & Relationship Mediation Services

While each situation is unique and will require a free consultation to accurately assess the cost of a peacebuilding effort, you might generally attribute 1.5 hours of time for each person involved in the conflict. For instance, if 2 individuals are involved, the process would likely take 3 hours. For large groups, refer to Organizational Assessment and Intervention costs below.

Families & Communities: $250/hour

Companies: $325/hour

Peacebuilding services are done on-site at your location. Locations more than 100 miles from one of our U.S. office locations will require the following additional fees:
6-hour minimum
$500 Travel Fee for the first day + $200 for each additional day
$500 Rush Fee if services are required within 2 weeks

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Negotiation / Conflict Management / Communication: $165/half-hour

Learn more about PPS Consulting Services.

Organizational Assessments & Interventions

Assessments (Surveys, Interviews, Observations)
10-49 people under assessment: $3500
50-200 people under assessment: $5000
250-500 people under assessment: $7,500
500-1,000 people under assessment: $10,000
1,000+ people under assessment: Contact for Pricing

Cost based on assessment and selected intervention services.

Learn more about PPS Organizational Assessments & Interventions.

Consultant/Coach Retainer Services

For Companies
$1200/mo: Up to 4 hours/month
$2850/mo: Up to 10 hours/month
$4125/mo: Up to 15 hours/month
$5300/mo: Up to 20 hours/month
$9750/mo: Up to 45 hours/month
Additional hours over monthly plan: $250/hour prorated per 15-minutes

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For Individuals
$350/mo: Up to 2 hours/month
$600/mo: Up to 4 hours/month
Additional hours over monthly plan: $150/hour prorated per 15-minutes

Learn more about Consultant Retainer Services for Individuals.

Training & Workshops

Half-Day Training*: $150/person
1-Day Training: $200/person
2-Day Training: $350/person
3-Day Training: $450/person
*Half-Day Trainings are only available within 100 miles of one of our U.S. office locations.
**Minimum for All Trainings: Cost for 12 people (Minimum may increase if training is onsite and more than 100 miles from one of our offices.) 

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