If you’re in need of family conflict resolution or family mediation services, and wondering how much family services cost, please see our offerings below. While every situation is unique, the below rates provide a fair idea of how much family conflict resolution services run. For an actual quote on services and a free consultation, please contact Pollack Peacebuilding.

The CPR Program: Conflict Resolution, Problem-Solving, & Relationship Rebuilding

Our flagship program is the CPR Service: Conflict Resolution, Problem-Solving, & Relationship Rebuilding. Whether it’s a conflict between immediate or extended family members, our CPR service in incredibly effective at resolving problems and transforming family relationships.

The CPR Program includes:

  1. One-on-One interview with each participant (Live / In-Person) (up to 60 minutes each)
  2. Facilitated Dialogue between participants (Live / In-Person) (up to 120 minutes per pair)
  3. One-on-One follow-up coaching session for each participant (Phone or Video) (up to 30 minutes each)

Cost: $675 per person

In most cases, CPR services are done on-site at your location. However, families/individuals may elect to receive services via live, online video. 

Live, in-person services at locations more than 60 miles from one of our U.S. office locations will require the following additional fees:
– $500 Travel Fee for the first day + $200 for each additional day
– $500 Rush Fee if services are required within 2 weeks

Learn more about PPS Relational Mediation Services.

Hourly Consulting / Coaching

Negotiation / Conflict Management / Communication / Relational Dynamics

Cost: $325/hour

Coaching Services

Conflict Resolution Skills / Communication Skills / Relationship Management

$650/mo: Up to 2 hours/month
$1200/mo: Up to 4 hours/month

Learn more about Coach Retainer Services.