Executive & Employee Coaching Program

One-on-One Individual Coaching to Improve Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills

“Peacebuilder’s Program”: 12-Week Coaching Program

Meet weekly with your coach for a highly customized 12-week program to address acute communication and conflict challenges, modify behavior and leadership style, and improve conflict management techniques. Includes initial intake assessment and personalized program for behavior modification and/or skills enhancement, as necessary. The intake session is 60 minutes while the rest of the weekly sessions are 30 minutes, with additional weekly check-ins for accountability throughout the program.

Cost: $2275* per person for 12 weeks

Certified Conflict Manager (“CCM”)™ Course: 8-Week Coaching Program

PPS’ conflict resolution certification training course is designed to prepare the practitioner to pass the Management and Strategy Institute’s Certified Conflict Manager Certification Test. Earn the professional designation “CCM” after your name. Read more about this 8-week one-on-one coaching program HERE.

Cost: $1495* per person for 8 weeks

Ongoing Monthly Coaching (per person)

$385*/mo: 1 hour/month
$750*/mo: 2 hours/month
$1400*/mo: 4 hours/month

*5% discount for 5-9 team members receiving coaching
*10% discount for 10 or more team members receiving coaching

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