Interpersonal Conflict Comes in Many Forms

All interpersonal relationships come with conflict. If they don’t, they are often not very deep or connected relationships. Two human beings can rarely get along all the time; on occasion, depending on how invested the parties are in one another, needs or desires will conflict and discord will arise. But conflict is not necessarily a “bad” or negative state. In fact, it can and should be a constructive opportunity for growth, both for the relationship and for each individual. Relationship mediation services can help turn a potentially negative dispute into a learning experience that actually ends up deepening the relationship.

Conflict Management for Intimate Partners

relationship mediation servicesAll conflicts are inherently emotional in nature, but emotions between intimate partners can run especially high. With so much invested, both emotionally and often logistically, those who have chosen to open themselves up to each other, to be vulnerable, and to integrate into one another’s life, have quite a bit to lose. So, successfully managing conflicts between partners is of utmost importance, not only to the partners but also typically to their friends and families. Conflict management for couples is all about communication and transformation; relationship mediation services begin by creating a safe space for partners to hold an honest, confidential conversation about their feelings, needs, and concerns. Through a loving and communicative practice, we can often transform how partners perceive, understand, and relate to each other. Safe, open, and authentic communication is key to transforming personal relationships and managing conflicts between intimate partners.

Relationship Mediation Services for Friends or Family

Just like in intimate partnerships, emotions often run high in families and close friendships. Again, this is because so much, on so many levels, has been invested in the relationships. There is history and foundation; there are expectations for the future; hence, there is a lot riding on the relationships. But remember, conflicts are normal and natural and do not have to be construed as negative. With help from a skilled facilitator providing, families and friends can come together in a safe place for honest disclosure of all parties’ needs and feelings. Through facilitated relationship mediation services and authentic dialog, close relationships can become even closer. Conflict can bring loved ones together rather than tear them apart.

Mediation for Business Partners

Livelihoods typically ride in the balance of financial success, which affects families and lifestyles. Hence, business partnerships are like marriages: there is a lot invested in the relationship, and emotionally charged conflicts are bound to arise. Some partners would like to stay in business together but just can’t seem to effectively manage their relationship; some partners would like to part ways, but have trouble agreeing on terms. Regardless of the parties’ ultimate goals, no one wants to end a partnership on a bad note if it can be helped. A skilled and empathetic mediator will understand the unique dynamic when facilitating conflict resolution between business partners. Parties must feel heard, respected, and equally considered. A mutually beneficial agreement is not only imperative to the emotional satisfaction of each partner, it is a prerequisite for ultimately successful negotiation.
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