Free Workplace Conflict Analysis & Consultation: Participate in Study

PPS is recruiting companies and organizations to participate in a research study conducted by Jeremy Pollack in collaboration with California State University, Dominguez Hills. The study aims to validate the effectiveness of a conflict analysis design by modifying existing organizational assessment processes, including employee engagement analysis, with the unique application of Basic Human Needs (BHN) theory — a traditional conflict approach. This is the first attempt to apply BHN theory to workplace conflict analysis, and we believe this will be a robust method of analyzing conflict within organizations and determining appropriate steps to manage and prevent future conflict.

What Companies Receive for Participation:

1) Comprehensive conflict analysis, including both current and potential future problem areas
2) An impact report with key points as to how conflict may currently be impacting the business, including personnel and financial impact if applicable
3) Proposed solutions and plan of action
4) Consultation with an organizational conflict specialist

What is Involved:

1) Employee survey: 32 questions (10-15 minutes)
2) 30-minute interviews with key leadership (2-4 managers/executives)

Minimum Participation Requirements:

– At least 10 full-time, in-house employees
– Executives/leaders interested in a more comprehensive understanding of conflict within their organization

To Participate:

Please email with interest.

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Visit us on social networks:

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