“I’ve worked with Jeremy on several occasions and highly recommend him! He is a skilled professional. He is unassuming and has an ability to make people feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I hired Jeremy to help with some interpersonal conflicts at work. The conflicts affected the organization to the point that valuable employees might quit, or have to be let go. In just a few sessions, Jeremy guided us through a process that turned things around. Jeremy provided simple to understand tools that continue to help us work through issues, communicate in positive ways, and maintain trusting and supportive relationships.

“I was so impressed with Jeremy’s skills and knowledge I subsequently brought him in to conduct customer service training. He held a workshop for our customer service team members most of which are high school and college age at the beginning of their work lives. He taught techniques and offered tips to help our team members remain calm and professional in difficult situations. He included role play scenarios that were particularly helpful. The things our team members learned in the workshop will benefit them in all aspects of their lives. During the workshop I remember thinking I wish someone had provided me that training early in my career.

“After getting great results from both experiences, I looked to Jeremy for help as my elderly parents faced the decision about moving from their own home to a senior living facility. They were not on the same page as each other, and had reached an impasse. With Jeremy guiding conversations they were able to hear each other in a way they had not been able to do, and come up with a workable plan.”
– Simone McGinnis, General Manager, Val Vista Lakes Community Association


“As the CEO of a growing business, Jeremy has helped my corporation in numerable ways…all of which have translated into positive factors such as elevated productivity, a more contented and productive work environment and, most importantly, a reduction of conflict and hostility between colleagues. It’s inevitable that when multiple people are brought together under one roof, the variety of personalities creates a stew where problems can emerge. Bringing Jeremy to help solve relationship issues between peers on the same team was one of the best decisions I ever made. From their initial conflict grew trust, empathy, and respect. It’s like the proverbial “he turned a potential loss into a big win for us”. Of course, as a team leader, I also benefit greatly from using Jeremy’s services to help me navigate the tricky waters of employee relations. Learning how to be an empathetic listener who knows how to hear what is being said so that I can actually solve the issue in a way that is productive, respectful and long-lasting isn’t taught at Business School. Jeremy gave me practical tools to manage conflict negotiation between myself and others in a way that has empowered me to become more successful in the work that I do. Without a doubt, my business has benefited from bringing Jeremy into the fold, and I say without any reservations I believe yours will, too.”
– Alan Sitomer, CEO, Mastery Coding


“Jeremy was a big help in an HR issue at our 30 person firm where we felt we needed third party objectivity without the heavy hand of a lawyer or investigator. He was able to assess the situation and gain the trust of both the employee and management and accurately assessed a workable path forward. Jeremy brokered an offer and compromise acceptable to both parties and our organization learned much from an experience that ultimately resulted in a more peaceful, harmonious workplace.”
– Peter Connery, Vice President, Applied Survey Research


“We reached out to Pollack Peacebuilding in search of resources and trainings to positively engage with conflict and build a healthier community in a complex congregational system. Henry was an amazing collaborator and spent a good amount of time consulting with me to know the context and history of our congregation’s challenges. He designed a custom weekend training for our leaders.

In addition to the concrete mediation skills, he taught participants that their own mindfulness, intent, and ongoing personal work and preparation are key to peacemaking, and I would say, the spiritual maturity that is the foundation of this work. I could see the group identity and cohesion emerge early in the training. His expertise at content, methodology, and pedagogy was excellent. Our leaders highly valued his teaching and the the time they spent together in his training.

We are eager to bring Henry back to our community to engage in next steps. He has the trust and hope of our leaders. I can not recommend him highly enough.”
– Rev. Teresa Schwartz, First Unitarian Church of Chicago


“Over the past two years, Jeremy has helped me with communication and conflict in my personal and work relationships. He has helped me understand my own communication style and how to interact better with/understand people who do not share the same style as me. This has been so beneficial, especially between my partner and I. The two of us have very different styles of communication, and this at times has caused conflict. With the help of Jeremy, I’m now better able to communicate my needs to partner, start to erase feelings of self-doubt, as well as understanding how I can be a better partner to him. I highly recommend working with him.”
– Ashley Webster, School Counselor


“Jeremy is great and has the ability to quickly identify core issues and help parties reach a resolution. Although he is supportive and understanding, he doesn’t allow parties to avoid confronting and dealing with the key challenges. Highly recommend.”
Edward Angwin, Attorney-at-Law


“Colleen is the epitome of professionalism, handling herself extremely well under pressure. She adapts and responds quickly to developing scenarios, relying on her keen judgment and innate skills to manage challenging situations. She digs deep in researching the background and underlying causes of conflict in order to effectively prepare for difficult conversations. Colleen is a great asset to our organization, and we are so glad to have her as part of our team.”
Jeremy Husk
Executive VP, Operation, Koi


“Colleen Passard has facilitated Time Management, Empowerment and Relationship Workshops as well as one-on-one coaching for our student body. Skillful, funny, and psychologically astute, Colleen’s experiential trainings inspire and create change. On all levels she gives students the tools they need to succeed in their lives.”
Jessica Cattani, MA
Personal Counselor, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising


“I have been working with Jeremy for over 2 years on a weekly and biweekly basis. He has helped me with my relationships and making them more healthy, more productive and more loving. He has excellent ideas and techniques that really do work. At times they may seem counter-intuitive, but in a very short amount of time, I was having MUCH less conflict with my significant other and our discussions have become more healthy and productive to create a true partnership. I highly highly recommend Jeremy and his systems, you will be impressed! Now I am engaged to be married with the love of my life, thanks to him.”
– Nima Shemirani, MD, EOS Rejuvenation


“Jeremy Pollack is an expert in conflict resolution with years of experience to back it up. He is highly skilled in the art of helping people drill down to their core needs by establishing clear and direct communication and identifying the key issues. I highly recommend working with him.”
– Jeremy Musighi, CEO & Founder, Immutable Capital


“Jeremy was integral in my growth with ending “wars” of personal and professional conflicts. I adopted several stories of conflict that needed to be updated. With the help of Mr. Pollack, I have experienced a peaceful reboot. I feel a sense of freedom as I move on with my life.”
– Yusef Alexander, Principal, REAP Capital


“Jeremy is excellent at identifying the conflict within yourself or with someone else, he communicates clear and direct action steps to help identify key obstacles to help guide you towards resolution. At the same time he holds you accountable, not allowing you to hide from your situation, enabling you to move forward. He has helped me tremendously; highly recommend his services.”
– Chris Nelson, Photographer