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Pollack Peacebuilding’s workplace conflict coaching programs, including the 12-week Peacebuilders Program, are designed to improve both conflict management skills and communication skills for executives and employees. Most of our coaching programs and services are performed online via live, video conferencing. We offer both one-on-one coaching as well as group and team coaching formats. Contact us today to learn more about our highly effective online conflict coaching programs for individuals, organizations, and teams of all sizes and industries.

The Peacebuilder’s Program: 12-Week Coaching Program

Attain greater peace in your organization with our 12-week Peacebuilder’s Program, utilizing one-on-one conflict coaching and communication skills enhancement. In this program, the participant has weekly meetings with one of our specially trained conflict coaches based on a customized 12-week program to enhance communication style and improve both relationships and productivity at work. During this coaching program, the participant addresses acute communication and conflict challenges, modifies behavior and leadership style, and improves conflict management techniques.

The 12-week Peacebuilder’s Coaching Program includes an initial assessment of the challenges the participant is facing and a personalized program creation which includes behavior modification and/or skills enhancement as necessary. Then, the coachee participates in weekly one-on-one sessions with our conflict coach, along with weekly check-ins for accountability throughout the program.

Online Workplace Conflict Coaching

Workplace Conflict Coaching

When conflicts occur in an organization, tension and other negative emotions can disrupt progress and productivity. Expert-level workplace conflict coaching can help restore communication and improve the relationships of all members of your staff.

At PPS, we help both executives and employees develop the skills necessary to work through disagreements and handle conflict. We strive to help you get to the root of the conflict or misunderstanding and find a way to productively resolve disputes in a way that’s acceptable to all concerned.

Communication Skills Coaching

A large portion of any organization’s success is its members’ abilities to effectively communicate. Staff members, and especially leadership, need to make communication a priority on a daily basis. This requires learning to listen without judgment, expressing needs and initiatives in a clear and succinct way, and responding calmly, clearly, and respectfully.

Communication coaching by expert coaches at PPS can help both employees and executives improve their communication skills by:

  • Developing the ability to clearly express their needs and requests
  • Focusing on treating others with respect
  • Avoiding escalation of disagreements
  • Gaining insight on the perspective of other staff members
  • Responding calmly and avoiding reacting emotionally

Workplace Conflict Coaching for Executives

Workplace Conflict Coaching

Members of the executive team and others in leadership roles are expected to listen and communicate with other executives and staff members in a respectful way. Executives almost always want what’s best for the organization but don’t always agree on what it is or how to make it happen. Being an effective leader requires remaining calm and rational rather than being reactive or emotional.

Conflict coaching for executives can help improve communication skills and develop strategies to defuse potential conflicts or de-escalate current ones. When you work with the expert coaches at PPS, you’ll learn new skills that can be truly transformative for you as a leader and for your organization. Our mission is to help create peace, one person at a time.

Workplace Conflict Coaching for Employees

Workplace Conflict Coaching

Conflict can occur between employees at all levels of an organization, and sometimes it can make the working environment just about intolerable. While disagreements happen from time to time, if they escalate to a point where communication breaks down, relationships suffer and so does the organization.

Conflict and communication coaching for employees can help staff members improve communication skills and effectively resolve interpersonal conflicts. Under the guidance of a professional peacebuilder, conflicted parties will learn skills to have more productive conversations and work toward reparation of damaged relationships. The expertise of PPS’ peacebuilders and coaches can lead to truly miraculous transformations of relationships that are temporarily struggling with communication breakdown. There is a solution to the conflict, and we can help you find it.

Overcome Work-Related Conflicts

Get in touch with PPS to find out how conflict and communication coaching can help your executives and employees get back on track, experience reduced conflict, and improve communication. We can help you navigate challenges and rebuild your work relationships. It’s time to restore a peaceful and productive working environment with the help of PPS.

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