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Whether your organization is experiencing internal conflict between co-workers or departments, or a systemic workplace culture conflict, Pollack Peacebuilding Systems offers workplace conflict resolution services as an effective solution. Led by conflict resolution specialists and experienced business consultants, PPS helps companies manage and resolve conflicts in typically less costly ways with much more satisfactory results for all parties involved.

The Peacemaking Program

For conflicts between co-workers, managers, or teams, the PPS peacemaking program is designed to solve acute conflict and rebuild relationships. Typically 1-3 days.

Hourly Consulting

Hourly guidance, consulting, and/or coaching on conflict, communication skills, or a specific negotiation.

The Peacebuilding Program

For systemic conflicts within a company culture, PPS’ peacebuilding program is designed to assess and affect culture, typically lasting 2-4 months.

Training & Workshops

PPS provides several workplace training workshops for conflict, culture, and communication.

The Peacekeeping Program

For organizations that put culture first, PPS’ peacekeeping program is designed to opptimize and sustain a healthy workplace culture on an ongoing basis.

Need Help With Your Workplace Conflict or Culture?

If you need expert help resolving an acute conflict, changing or maintaining workplace culture, or guidance on general conflict or negotiation, get in touch for a free consultation.

Benefits of Workplace Conflict Resolution Services

Conflict resolution consultants are neutral third-parties who hold the best interests of all parties in mind and help to facilitate Win-Win resolutions whenever possible. Our goal when working within companies is to help resolve internal office conflicts and thus generally enhance workplace environments, making companies more enjoyable places to work. Our hope when resolving conflicts between coworkers is to get to a Win-Win agreement, whereby each party feels sufficiently represented, considered, and satisfied during and after negotiations. There are a number of advantages to this form of dispute resolution, when compared to firing an employee or taking more traditional adjudicatory methods of dispute resolution.

Successful Workplace Conflict Resolution typically results in:

  • Far lower costs than either replacing an employee or being forced into litigation
  • Greater satisfaction and fulfillment of all parties involved
  • Parties co-create a Win-Win solution for all sides, rather than a judge or arbitrator deciding for them
  • Decreased chance of recurring or future conflicts between the parties
  • Improved communication between the parties, especially within the office

Prerequisites for successful conflict resolution often include the following from all parties:

  • Willingness to come to the table
  • Strong interest in resolving the conflict
  • Open to really hearing all sides and considering alternative perspectives
  • Willingness to collaboratively problem solve
  • All stakeholders in the outcome are sufficiently represented
  • Willingness to be held accountable for agreed-upon solutions

If you need help resolving a conflict between coworkers, executives, or teams, contact Pollack Peacebuilding today.

Additional Workplace Conflict Resolution Services

On-Call Live Conflict Resolution for Agencies & B2C Companies Serving the Public

Let’s face it, no matter how good a customer service or agency representative is, he or she is usually not equipped to deal with every conflict, especially the most intense disputes where deep needs and strong emotions are triggered. In some instances, only a specialist with in-depth conflict resolution knowledge can handle particular disputes without having to resort to implementing legal or forceful authority. When emotions run high, when disputes get too intense, and when neither the customer service agent nor the customer can rationally and calmly respond to a dispute that seems to be getting personal, a third-party mediator can be an absolute necessity.

As on-call conflict resolution specialists for agencies and B2C companies serving the general public, we specialize in resolving intense, sudden, and acute conflicts between large companies/agencies and individual consumers. In addition to the expertise of conflict specialists, the facilitation of a non-employee, impartial mediator significantly contributes to the success of the dispute resolution process. One of the major roadblocks in resolving conflicts is when one party feels the mediator is partial to the other side. When we are called, our specialists present themselves as “a conflict resolution specialist who DOES NOT work for the company but rather a third-party mediation agency hired to monitor company and customer relations.” Our on-scene conflict specialists keep company values, policies, and interests in mind while advocating for the customer to find a fast, suitable Win-Win solution for both parties.

Conflict Resolution Training for Organizations

Our workplace conflict resolution training programs for customer service representatives, managers, and executives are designed to improve relationships between large organizations and the public they serve. Conflict resolution training for agencies and B2C companies not only enhance the customer experience but also increase companies’ and agencies’ public perception and perceived value. For more information on workplace conflict resolution training, CLICK HERE.

To discover how workplace conflict resolution services or conflict resolution training could help improve or resolve your organization’s situation, contact us today. Let PPS help you get on with business and put the problems in the past.

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