Workplace Conflict Resolution in Spanish

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems provides workplace conflict resolution services in Spanish for individuals and companies. With services offered both on-site and online, anyone can improve their relationships at work with the help of professional conflict experts. Whether your team works together in person or remotely, conflict can arise. It’s normal. Learning how to properly manage conflict is not so normal. That’s why PPS’ workplace conflict resolution for Spanish speakers is so important. We can help resolve or manage your company’s issues quickly. Contact us today for immediate help.

The Peacemaking Program: Conflict Resolution Services in Spanish

PPS’ Peacemaking Program addresses 3 main areas to minimize the negative impacts of conflict on employees: Conflict Resolution, Problem-Solving, and Relationship Building. To address all 3 areas, you can expect the conflict experts in the Peacemaking Program to follow these steps:

1. One-on-One Interviews and Coaching

Live in-person or online mediation in Spanish begins once each member of the conflict agrees to collaborate with the peacebuilder in a one-on-one interview. Facilitators remain focused on building rapport and trust with those involved in the dispute, which is an important step in the early stage of conflict resolution. This practice helps the facilitator obtain all the information they need regarding each party’s perspective on the conflict. Additionally, the facilitator will take this opportunity to begin sharing skills with the employee that will support the next stages of mediation. As conflict is inherently layered and emotional, the peacebuilder will support each party in building awareness around underlying struggles and needs that sparked the conflict in the first place, and how to more effectively communicate as the conflict resolution process continues.

2. Dialogue Facilitation in Spanish

With the framework of trust established in the first stage, the second stage has the facilitator utilizing the information gathered in the first stage, as well as the rapport developed with disputing parties, to host a dialogue between them. Using expert peacebuilding methods rooted in conflict psychology, the peacebuilder will facilitate a conversation in which parties are invited to express themselves effectively and collaborate on possible solutions. While this step unfolds uniquely for each set of circumstances and the individuals involved, powerful conversations can be had, whether in person or online. These dialogues or relational mediations can take place in Spanish or in both English and Spanish.

3. One-on-One Follow-Up Coaching

One week after dialogues have been facilitated, the peacebuilder will meet individually with each individual in the conflict to determine action steps with measurable outcomes toward future success. This engages each individual to identify and create their own goals and plan of action toward a peaceful and collaborative working relationship. This follow-up coaching session keeps participants focused and on track while also receiving support for any speed bumps they may encounter along the way. In some cases, ongoing conflict coaching in Spanish may be recommended.

Each part of PPS’ conflict resolution process is designed with the uniqueness of your organization and employees in mind, leading to positive, long-lasting change within your team. If you believe your Spanish-speaking team members can benefit from a work culture that is more collaborative and rooted in effective communication, or if your Spanish-speaking employees are facing a current conflict that’s disrupting workplace morale, then PPS’ workplace conflict resolution for Spanish speakers may be the answer. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today.