The Workplace Peacebuilding Program

Conflict Transformation  (3-6 months)

Our Workplace Peacebuilding Program is designed to address structural or systemic conflicts within the organization. The program may include some of all the below elements and is customized for each organization based on our findings through analysis.

All peacebuilding efforts always begin with a thorough analysis of the systemic conflict to uncover and examine any structural challenges within the organization. Following the assessment, a report of findings and suggestions for a peace intervention are presented.

Private non-profit corporations receive a 10% discount on all services.

Conflict Analysis includes:

1) A data collection process, which may include:
a) Surveys
b) Interviews
C) Observations

2) An analysis report based on the data, which includes:
a) Current challenges/opportunities
b) Overview of the data (quantitative and qualitative)
c) Options and suggestions for intervention and solution

3) A presentation and facilitated dialogue, which includes:
a) Live PowerPoint presentation(s) to all analysis participants
b) Facilitated dialogue(s) among participants, focused on solutions and action items
c) Final suggestions for intervention or change that the majority can agree to

Analysis Cost (Pricing varies with every program, customized to client needs. Below are typical packages.)
5-9 people under assessment: $3,250+
10-25 people under assessment: $7,500+
26-49 people under assessment: $11,500+
50-200 people under assessment: $14,500+
250-500 people under assessment: $22,000+
500-1,000 people under assessment: $36,000+
1,000+ people under assessment: Contact for Pricing

Peace Intervention Efforts may include any of the following:

1) One-on-one coaching for key individuals
2) Dialogues Facilitation
3) Meetings Facilitation
4) Open dialogue forum for employees
5) Panel workshops
6) Weekly or Monthly Data Collection
7) Weekly Reporting
8) Weekly Strategy Sessions
9) Training & Workshops

Pricing Per Month (Pricing varies with every program, customized to client needs. Below are typical packages.)
5-9 participants: $2,500+
10-19 participants: $4,750+
20-49 participants: $9,000+
50-200 participants: $15,000+
250-500 participants: $25,000+
500-1,000 participants: $45,000+
1,000+ participants: Contact for Pricing

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