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Anupriya HeadshotAnupriya Kukreja is a graduate in Political Science and Psychology from Ashoka University, a premier Liberal Arts College in India. With a strong passion for Psychology, she has interned at multiple Hospitals in New Delhi and more recently with Behaviour Science research organizations. She is currently working as an Independent Researcher on a project surrounding voter behavior and women’s representation in legislatures globally. As an experiential learner, her interest in conflict transformation began when she found herself in ideological conundrums with a student party in college. Peace ensued when she decided to stand up for herself and held peace dialogues with those whom she had had differences, which is what drew her to want to become a mediator herself. This exercise also pushed her to study women’s representation within and the ideological trajectory of the student government at her university.

Being an interdisciplinary thinker, she likes to connect ideas from behavior science, spirituality, and political theory with conflict resolution. A musician by night, she also thinks deeply about the impact that the arts (music, comedy, performance) can have in deescalating, dissolving, and even transforming conflict.

In her free time, she blogs about her personal growth journey, the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and critical understanding of spiritual practices like Nichiren Buddhism and Brahmakumaris. She is passionate about both finding answers through research, as well as practically helping people transform their conflicts into fuel for growth. She tweets @kukiinsights

In the role of Research Writer for Pollack Peacebuilding, Anupriya examines the latest international conflict resolution research and how such methodologies may apply to conflict in the workplace.

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