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Conflict is normal and natural, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, managing conflict effectively is not so natural. If handled correctly, conflict can be a catalyst for growth, creativity, and positive change. When handled incorrectly, however, conflict can lead to a number of challenging outcomes, including low morale, high turnover, and even financial and legal consequences.

Pollack Peacebuilding offers several services to help resolve conflicts in your office. Our specialists help workplaces all around the country navigate conflict in healthy ways. From training and coaching to interventions and mediation, we can help turn your conflict into an opportunity.

Conflict Resolution Services

When conflict between coworkers arises, Pollack Peacebuilding often employs its Peacemaking Program -- a combination of interviews, coaching, and dialogue to help coworkers resolve differences peacefully and productivity. Our Peacebuilders begin by interviewing everyone involved in the conflict privately. We can do this online or in person. They then facilitate dialogue between the parties involved and make suggestions as well. Follow-up meetings are held with the people involved to ensure that the agreements and solutions are actually working.

Conflict Resolution Training

We like to think of conflict resolution training as a journey toward understanding and harmony. It's about equipping teams with skills to gracefully navigate and resolve disputes. Through understanding conflict roots, recognizing tension signs, and applying practical resolution strategies, our training fosters effective communication, empathy, and mutual understanding.

We start by getting to the heart of what causes these conflicts. We use role-playing and real scenarios, making learning engaging and directly applicable. Imagine diffusing a heated team meeting or turning a disagreement into a creative brainstorming session—that's the power of our training. It's not just about solving problems but about transforming challenges into opportunities for collective growth and stronger collaboration.

Conflict Management Training

A good manager is trained to resolve differences between employees. We offer online and in-person conflict management training that includes practical lessons to put it into practice and the psychology behind conflict. We teach the warning signs that often go ignored before a person gets emotional.

Managers learn to speak assertively but respectfully during instances such as:

  1. Giving and receiving hard-to-hear feedback
  2. Creative problem-solving around difficult conflicts
  3. Facilitating conversations effectively

Managers also learn how to deal with conflicts between employees and customers. This is especially important with customer-facing employees who must work closely with clients.

De-escalation Training

De-escalation training is critical to anyone who works in a public-facing role but can also be important for all team members. Violence in the workplace is on the rise, so it is important to have a training program to ensure the safety of your staff, visitors, and customers. Managers must know how to handle customers and employees when they are highly emotional. Managers are also taught how to control their emotions when things get heated.

Many hands on a tree, symbolizing Reconciliation After Violent Conflict

Communication Training

Communicating effectively is an invaluable skill. Communicating with someone in a work situation can be different than communicating with someone in a personal situation.

We teach leaders and team members to improve their listening skills and see things empathically from a variety of perspectives. We train individuals to think rationally and to deal with people with difficult personalities using effective communication strategies.

Conflict Coaching

Our conflict coaching program incorporates both communication training and conflict management skill-building through individualized coaching sessions. Coaching sessions are offered online, and we can train a single person or an entire group.

Organizational Assessments & Culture Optimization

For an organization to function effectively, it should adhere to some fundamental principles of employee satisfaction, engagement, and communication. Your team should have clear, transparent expectations, a consistent culture, and an understanding of each person’s contribution.

During organizational assessments, we can determine how your company is currently functioning. We always talk to the leaders and managers in your company to understand what they think is working and what is not. We also run comprehensive surveys and make presentations to all participants, so they feel included in the process. We make recommendations based on what we discover, and our peacekeepers will be there to consult with you as you implement their recommendations.

Change Management Consulting

If your company is used to doing things a certain way, change can be difficult no matter how much it may benefit your company. We have helped many businesses to reorganize the way they do things. We gently guide your team through change  in ways designed to avoid conflict rather than cause it.

If your business is going through management or staffing changes, we can show you how to manage the anxiety of your investors, employees, and customers. We want them to be excited about your changes and to see how they can benefit them.

Keynote Presentations

If you offer seminars, business dinners, or participate in conferences, we can provide a keynote speaker for your event. Our founder, social psychologist Dr. Jeremy Pollack can deliver useful and interesting techniques to find the opportunities in conflict rather than let it lead to unhealthy cultures. Dr. Pollack is a trained speaker who provides information that is sure to inspire lively discussions among your guests.

leadership conflict resolution course

Peaceful Leader Certification

If you want to get the very best training possible, we offer a robust leadership development course through our Peaceful Leaders Academy. The course offers interactive training modules where participants learn 3 Primary Pillars and 5 Core Competencies of conflict resolution and leadership best practices.

People who employ our certification program have access to live group coaching sessions where participants can discuss their challenges and get advice in real-time. We also have resource materials that were written and recorded by leaders in the conflict management field. Participants learn a number of skills, such as how to have difficult conversations, implement inclusive decision-making practices, hold people accountable in empowering ways, and much more. At the end of the training, participants become Certified Peaceful Leaders™.

Getting people with different views to agree is not always simple, but working with Pollack Peacebuilding Systems will help create peace between your team members. Give us a call today.