When working with colleagues, business partners, customers and the like, disagreements are inevitable. When disagreements are unable to be resolved quickly and effectively, they may escalate into a dispute or conflict. Business dispute mediation may be the right move in these instances if resolution is not attainable through in-house resources, but you want to avoid the issue getting bigger and costing possible legal issues.

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Business Dispute Mediation

Business dispute mediation is the process of having a neutral third party step in to determine the best course of action. This is helpful when those involved in the conflict are unable to collaborate themselves. Usually people opt for mediation over litigation because litigation can be costly in time and financial resources, and it can also paint the organization in a bad light as litigation makes things public. Business dispute mediation may be the right path for your needs if you need a little neutral support but don’t think legal action will be necessary.

Engage Swiftly

When handling conflict in the workplace, whether it’s with colleagues, managers, or entities outside of your organization, it’s important to ensure quick action is taken to avoid further escalation of the tension. So if it seems that nothing in-house is working, and upper management as well as human resources are struggling to provide resources to offset the issue, mediation may be the next step. Better to act sooner than later to handle conflict in the workplace.

Engage Empathically

Everyone in a business deal is trying to get a need met, which means you may fight to ensure you feel represented in the outcome. This is fair. But it’s also worth recognizing that the other party is doing the same, and while their interests may not be your best interests, their passion for it may be coming from a similar place that yours is. Often the only way to reach a resolution is to give a little where possible, so ensure you’re aware of what items are negotiable for you and be willing to make those negotiations with the other party in mind.

Use Your Resources

When trying to manage conflict of any kind, it’s important to go back to basics in terms of communication and de-escalation skills. Making sure you are clear about your needs, expectations, and offerings can help minimize frustration and misunderstandings which may cause more conflict down the road. Similarly, ensure you are listening actively to the needs, expectations, and offerings of the other party to ensure you aren’t engaging in any unhelpful misunderstanding. Ask questions where possible and tap into training resources that can help you demonstrate increased leadership abilities.

Business dispute mediation can be stressful, but it can be avoided or managed effectively with the right skills. Learn more about how you can improve your workplace conflict resolution skills and manage disputes. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today to get the right solutions for your team.

Vanessa Rose

Vanessa is a licensed psychotherapist and writer living in Los Angeles. When not on a mission for inner peace and conflict resolution, she enjoys making art, visiting the beach, and taking dog portraits. Always curious about self-improvement and emotional expansion, Vanessa also manages her own website which explores the unconscious and archetypal influences on how we eat, express, and relate.

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