Conflict Resolution Training for Real Estate Companies

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Conflict Resolution Training for Real Estate Companies

Conflict happens between staff and customers in every industry, and real estate companies are no exception. Those who work for real estate companies, including large residential communities, often feel stressed and overwhelmed. This is true whether the cause of the stress is related to unhappy tenants, understaffing, or vendor issues. Community staff members who are struggling with work-related tension may behave in ways that negatively impact coworkers, tenants, or even vendors. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems (PPS) for conflict resolution training or conflict resolution services for your real estate management firm.

Whenever there’s an underlying feeling of tension in a real estate company, it should be addressed before it intensifies. Disputes that are unresolved in any place of business can lead to a lack of cooperation, decreased productivity, and unprofessional behavior. Worsening conflicts can lower morale not only for those in conflict but everyone around them. Fortunately, PPS provides an array of solutions for real estate companies including mediation, coaching, training, and conflict management.

De-escalation Skills Training for Property Managers

The field of property management has several different types of stressors that come up frequently, and those that work in the field may find them challenging to deal with. Feelings of stress may intensify when faced with situations like:

  • Maintenance headaches
  • Demanding tenants
  • Staffing shortages
  • Working long hours
  • Conflict between staff over who’s responsible for what
  • Budgeting issues

Property managers may need to work on dealing with their own reactions to stressful situations and may also need to have the skills to de-escalate growing tension or conflict between office staff members, maintenance staff, or tenants. Ongoing training and education on communication skills and on resolving conflicts before they get worse can be very beneficial for property managers.

PPS offers custom-designed de-escalation training workshops for property and community managers which provide insight and useful tools for dealing with people who are emotionally escalated. While some conflicts are minor and easily resolved, others may escalate and turn into aggressive or angry behavior. De-escalation training can help property managers and staff learn to better regulate their own emotions, recognize early warning signs of escalating situations, and learn to resolve unpredictable interactions.

Customer Service Training for Property & Community Managers

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Property managers spend a lot of time dealing with customers who have a wide variety of personalities. While it’s impossible to know ahead of time everything that could possibly happen with every personality type, customer service training for property and community staff is a great way to instill important customer service skills that will be needed on the job. The goals of customer service training for property staff include:

Well-executed customer service helps organizations to build their brand around happy customers, which is always a competitive advantage. Poor customer service is one of the biggest reasons people leave a community and choose a different real estate management firm.

Property managers need the skills to deliver a positive experience to residents and potential residents while being prepared to deal with conflicts whenever and wherever they occur. De-escalation skills for customer service can help property managers and others in real estate companies prevent conflicts from spiraling out of control.

Areas De-Escalation Skills Can Help With

In many businesses, including real estate companies, intense emotions can come into play and trigger conflict without warning. When conflicts begin to get heated, it’s important to use de-escalation skills. In any residential area, conflict can erupt suddenly and without warning between residents and landlords. Examples of disputes that can benefit from de-escalation skills include:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes – Disputes can happen between landlords and tenants for many reasons such as rent not being paid on time, violation of the terms of the lease, or maintenance not being completed in a timely or satisfactory manner.
  • Angry residents – Residents may suddenly become angry for any number of reasons. Some tenants may not want to want to allow access to their residences for preventive maintenance, and they may become angry if they feel their privacy is being violated. Domestic disputes can be disruptive and affect other residents.
  • Resident-resident disputes – Residents can upset each other for a variety of reasons such as loud music, being inconsiderate about parking or laundry, or even threatening or bullying behavior.

Property managers may have to serve in a variety of roles that start with screening tenants and include filling maintenance requests and acting as a mediator when tenants can’t seem to get along. Turbulence can hit no matter how careful you are about screening potential tenants. It’s imperative to be prepared to handle whatever happens and to prevent situations from intensifying whenever possible. Community staff must learn to remain calm and professional even when dealing with difficult individuals.

Real estate companies of any size can benefit from training to improve skills in customer service, de-escalation, and conflict resolution. Get the training and coaching you need from the experts in conflict resolution services. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems to find the right conflict resolution and de-escalation training for your real estate company.