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Every workplace has minor disagreements. However, if a disagreement cannot be effectively resolved it becomes a conflict that impacts everyone involved. Workplace conflict can arise between individuals within the company and an outsider such as a customer or contractor. However, the problem can also involve coworkers, executives, or even partners. Whatever the nature of the workplace conflict, swift and effective mediation is the key to resolution. At Pollack Peacebuilding, we believe that the best way to counter conflict is to give your team the tools to stop the problem before it starts. We emphasize the use of effective mediation training in addition to our conflict management and consultation services. To find out more about conflict resolution training in Los Angeles, contact us today!

Why Bother With Conflict Resolution Training in Los Angeles?

In many cases, companies may feel like they simply cannot afford the time and money that is required for conflict resolution training in Los Angeles. However, these companies are simply underestimating the cost of conflict in their company.

Workplace conflict can quickly drain valuable productivity from your employees as more people get involved. Most conflicts will spread to affect other employees and will likely result in increased tension. As people become more stressed at work, they will be more prone to errors and delays- which can even cost you a project.

Benefits of Conflict Resolution Training

Here are just some of the benefits of investing in conflict management and resolution training:

Stop Conflict Before It Starts: Even the beginnings of conflict can disrupt workflow, which is why it is important to arm your employees with the tools to stop disagreements that arise in the workplace before they escalate and cause further distractions. Through mediation training, your team will be ready to tackle a variety of workplace problems and ensure that your company remains conflict-free.

Build A Better Team: When a group of people is working together towards a common goal, working as a team is key to ensure success. However, many people simply may not have the skills and know-how to work as an effective team which is another way in which Pollack Peacebuilding can help.

Ensure Better Rapport with Customers: In addition to avoiding problems within your company, conflict de-escalation can also be applied to customers. At Pollack Peacebuilding, we offer communication skills training to help employees communicate more effectively with each other as well as with other clients. Our offerings also include specialized training for airline workers and police officers.

Optimizing Productivity: Employees that work as a team will be more productive and are more likely to produce high-quality results than employees who feel like they are working on their own. Imagine how much better your current team would do if they could communicate seamlessly and seek to work together rather than feeling like they need to complete. That dream team you’ve been hoping for can very much be a reality with the right tools and resources.

To learn more about conflict resolution training in Los Angeles, contact Pollack Peacebuilding today for a free consultation.

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