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Pollack Peacebuilding Systems offers mediation services in Phoenix, Arizona. We work with a variety of business and organizations, as well as community groups and individuals, to transform relationships and enhance communication. Our approach to mediation in Arizona focuses on transforming situations so that all parties’ interests are met and staunch positions are no longer looked at as the only way.

Why Mediation in Phoenix?

mediation phoenix

When two or more parties aren’t willing to or can’t resolve a dispute on their own, it can be advantageous to employ a mediator. Mediation services are usually short-term, hands-on and task-oriented practices that allow disputing parties to come to an agreement with the help of a neutral third party – the mediator.

Arizona mediators, like the professionals at Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, supervise the exchange of dialogue and information during a structured bargaining process. With a mediator’s assistance, parties at opposition can find common ground and effectively deal with expectations that may have been unrealistic.

Interpersonal Relationship Mediation

Interpersonal relationships often involve conflict. Sometimes, it takes an experienced and professional mediator to help bring about resolution and transform the relationship.

PPS Arizona conflict resolution consultants are experts in the psychology of conflict, as well as in practical mediation and peacebuilding methodologies. Such expertise is often necessary for the complex dynamics of interpersonal conflict management.

Organizational and Workplace Mediation

workplace conflictWhen conflicts emerge in the workplace or within an organization, neutral mediation services like the Arizona mediation services we offer at PPS can be just the solution needed. We work to help disputing parties come to win-win negotiations.

If you’re looking for Arizona mediators, choose Pollack Peacebuilding Systems for impartial mediators who help facilitate lasting peace. We have a history of providing effective and fair mediation in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact our conflict experts today for help with your workplace dispute or interpersonal conflict.

Mediation Phoenix Employers Can Rely On

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where a neutral third party works to resolve disputes between two or more parties. Mediation Phoenix companies deserve will include a shift in the nature of communication from negative to positive and constructive. A mediator works with the conflicting parties to gain an understanding of the issues at hands and the individual views and opinions that each conflicting party holds. Then the work to apply

The Mediation Phoenix Employers Need

The process of mediation aims to bring people together to resolve disputes without the use of lawsuits or formal complaints. Taking these calmer and confidential steps helps improve employee morale and overall collaboration which leads to higher work performance, productivity, and profits.
Conflicts happen frequently Common conflicts that occur in the workplace include:

  • Compensation
  • Harassment
  • Discipline
  • Diversity
  • Discrimination
  • Termination
  • Disagreements between employees
  • Performance disagreements

Benefits of using Arizona mediation services to resolve these conflicts include:

Validation and Efficacy

When employees feel they’re being respected and validated, the higher the chances that they engage amiably with peers and move forward toward an environment of recovery and re-engaged productivity. The mediation process allows for creative problem-solving rather than an environment of stressful legal matters where employees have a bit more buy-in to the success of dispute extinguishing.

Employee Retention

Saving your HR department time and money, Arizona mediators can help keep turnover rates low by maintaining employee retention. By providing opportunities to conflicting parties to evolve beyond their dispute, the chances of employees sticking around to continue contributing to the company increases. This not only helps the teambuilding work already done to improve collaboration, it lowers human resources costs on training, hiring, and exit paperwork.

Cost Effectiveness

Working with Arizona mediators typically allows the conflict resolution process to become more cost effective in the long run, not only as it pertains to retention. When you consider possible legal fees associated with unmanaged conflict, in addition to the payroll costs included with high employee turnover, nipping conflict in the bud is the softest approach on any company’s bottom line.


Engaging in mediation Phoenix employees can relate to helps keep these matters in-house. In contrast, if a lawsuit were to be filed against members of your team, the matter will become public information. Arizona mediation services help keep complaints and management of those complaints confidential so your business can continue to operate without any major disruptions or PR needs.

Accelerated Process

Utilizing Phoenix mediation services can help speed up the process of dispute management. If formal complaints were to be filed in the midst of a company conflict, it could take a regulatory agency years to resolve the issue. This could leave employers struggling to find temporary placement for their employees who will continue working without any closure or feelings of relief. This may lower morale and productivity of the impacted employees and perhaps others on the team.

Phoenix Mediation Services

The process that will unfold when you work with Phoenix mediation services will include first addressing the overall issue and let all parties share their perspectives and opinions on the topic. Allowing for this provides each team member an opportunity to be heard and feel validated and respected, which is a natural disarming process that will begin to resolve conflict by decreasing heightened emotional tension. The mediation process oftentimes is an educational process where people learn a bit about themselves and how they might be perceived in the workplace. They may also learn new things about their emotional reactivity and how to better manage it in certain environments. Understanding the importance of compromise can come into play, as well.

After each party of the conflict gets to share their side of things in a non-contentious environment, then all members will work creatively toward a solution that works for the individuals while meeting the company’s needs, providing Mediation Phoenix companies can utilize for their biggest benefits.

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