PPS' Workplace Conflict Resolution & Job Satisfaction Program

A way for your company to show it cares about your employees, your workplace environment, and your success as an organization.

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Improve Productivity

Studies have shown that conflict negatively affects productivity. With a workplace conflict resolution specialist on retainer, conflicts are significantly mitigated, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Avoid Potential Lawsuits

Many companies suffer PR, legal, and financial impact from employment-related lawsuits. A conflict consultant on retainer can substantially decrease the chances of legal action and financial damage.

Increase Job Satisfaction

Workplace happiness is the result of many elements, and certainly a peaceful office environment is one of them. Studies show that happier employees are more loyal, productive, and innovative.

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Our Program Pays For Itself If the Company...

> Avoids just 1 lawsuit, or...

> Increases productivity by 2 hours/week, or...

> Saves 1 executive or 2 employee positions , or...

> Attracts 1 high-level innovator.

A Huge Perk/Benefit for Attracting Talent

Imagine while recruiting top innovators, one of your perks & benefits is offering the ability to talk to an outside, totally neutral and confidential conflict management consultant any time...

  • They feel uncomfortable with a co-worker or supervisor
  • They are not ready to escalate the matter to HR
  • They are unsure how to approach a conflict at work
  • They need help or feel uncomfortable with a confrontation
  • They just need a coach to talk to who is not involved
  • They would like to improve a work relationship or situation
  • They are looking for help to achieve greater job satisfaction
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Free Assessment of Your Workplace Conflict

Get in touch with Pollack Peacebuilding Systems to learn more about our workplace conflict resolution retainer program for companies and organizations. We'll administer a free conflict assessment to determine how prevalent conflict is in your workplace, and how it may be affecting both productivity and job satisfaction among your employees.

PPS Consultants Help Companies Save Money, Increase Productivity, and Improve Job Satisfaction

From interoffice politics to communication problems to personality clashes, offices are fertile settings for conflicts. Not only can conflicts, both explicit and subtle, impact company morale, they can hurt the bottom line in a variety of ways, including decreased efficiency and  productivity, and in worst case scenarios, legal and financial damages. That’s why having an on-call, on-demand workplace conflict resolution expert is so critical.

Workplace Conflict Resolutions Specialists Can:workplace conflict resolution

  • Improve interoffice communication and relationships
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Augment productivity and efficiency
  • Create more energy and space for innovation
  • Positively impact the bottom line

At PPS, our conflict management and negotiation experts aim to:

  • Help executives, managers, and employees optimize their interoffice relationships
  • Offer higher-level confidentiality and conflict psychology expertise than offered by in-house Human Resources
  • Improve interpersonal communication throughout the company
  • Provide a safe, confidential space for staff to voice concerns and receive advice about handling office conflict
  • Provide solution-focused problem solving to resolve difficult personnel challenges
  • Ward off spiraling conflicts that could lead to legal and financial detriment for the company
  • Deliver expert advice in negotiations
  • Turn conflicts into opportunities
  • Help staff spend less time managing problems in order to spend more time running the company
  • Create a happier, more productive work environment
  • Resolve problems before they begin, grow, and/or fester

Contact PPS at (213) 867-7795 for more information on our Retainer Program.

Improve Relationships Between Partners or Executives

Partnership can be tough. The meeting of strong personalities with diverse backgrounds, needs, and desires is a breeding ground for conflict. And typically, these personality clashes present ongoing challenges among partners and executives. That's why having an on-call, neutral conflict specialist for executives to consult with on an ongoing basis is so critical for company management. Better communication, fewer or shorter conflicts, and happier executives all lead to greater job satisfaction, which trickles down the ranks to employees. And of course, happier people spending less of their time managing conflicts typically spend more of their time innovating products, optimizing processes, and building closer internal relationships, all of which positively impact the company's bottom line.

Provide Employees With More Discretion & Knowledge Than H.R.

Let's be honest: employees rarely feel they can go to Human Resources with their deepest challenges and grievances. In some cases, talking to H.R. makes sense. But in many situations, an employee may not want to call attention to a matter for fear of being judged, reprimanded, or even potentially fired. Dissatisfaction with Human Resources is a well-documented and prevalent phenomenon in companies of all sizes. Employees regularly feel discounted, and not taken seriously by management or H.R. Plus, discretion is always a risk. Once someone talks to H.R., a file has been created, a record has been documented, and no one can be sure that word hasn't spread among management. Hence, employees often keep their problems to themselves, allowing them to fester and create further problems and job dissatisfaction.

With the ability to talk to a confidential, neutral, third-party consultant, on the other hand, employees can be assured of total discretion. Our consultants have no stake in the game, no side that they are on, no executive that they answer to; so employees can rest assure they are consulting in a safe and open environment. Plus, PPS consultants are experts in conflict management, with training that far surpasses most H.R. reps when it comes to workplace conflict resolution, empathetic listening, and psychology in general. The availability of a safe, outside specialist to really listen and wisely advise, without any possibility of repercussions for being open and honest, helps employees feel happier, more fulfilled, and taken care of by their employers.

Better Communication + Happier Employees = Greater Productivity

Plenty of research shows that happier employees are more productive, more innovative, and more loyal to their employers, all of which create stabler, happier places to work. How do we create happy employees? One crucial aspect is improving communication between employees and management. Another is to make sure employees feel that they matter, that they are cared for, and that there needs are being met. A company whose perks include an on-call, totally neutral, third-party coach can achieve these needs, help improve communication, and ultimately foster a better working environment.

Head Off Legal & Financial Disputes With Workplace Conflict Resolution

How many times has a situation gone out of control, leading to exorbitant legal challenges and ultimately financial detriment, but which could have been mitigated at the beginning if only it would have been approached correctly? With a workplace conflict resolution expert on retainer at your company, chances are significantly increased that you will resolve conflicts before they get completely out of hand. Whether the conflict exists within the office, or between the company and a consumer or a competing brand, having a conflict management consultant on-demand can only improve the situation. PPS consultants on retainer can help ward off undue stress and anxiety as well as exorbitant financial costs that could result from a legal battle.

Free Assessment of Your Workplace Conflict

Get in touch with Pollack Peacebuilding Systems to learn more about our workplace conflict resolution retainer program for companies and organizations. We'll administer a free conflict assessment to determine how prevalent conflict is in your workplace, and how it may be affecting both productivity and job satisfaction among your employees.