Jeri Stroup, M.A., Conflict Resolution Expert, Oklahoma City

Jeri Stroup

General Overview

Jeri believes that conflict is like a river; it is fluid, moving over rocks around bends and reaching a place of calm. When people are empowered to effectively work together, they are able to listen to each other’s perspectives, address barriers, and reach a mutually acceptable agreement. That place of resolution is the place people are able to accept, forgive, and find peace both with each other and themselves. As a Peacebuilder, Jeri helps individuals, groups, and organizations through this process.

Jeri’s passion to help people effectively communicate and resolve issues began early in her life and ever since, it has been her mission to respect, listen, and empower others to find resolution.

Business Experience

Jeri has been mediating civil court and family cases for 26 years. She has been providing mediation, training, coaching, and facilitation to local and state government, higher institutions, private organizations, and individuals for the past two decades. Jeri has extensive experience working with employment-related issues, including conflict resolution, positive discipline, discrimination and personnel issues, and grievances. She has trained programs in conflict resolution, effective communication, diversity and inclusion, and emotional intelligence.


  • Mediation
  • Team coaching
  • Higher education
  • Local government agencies
  • Large group facilitation and meeting moderation


  • Master of Arts (M.A.), Human Relations, The University of Oklahoma
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), European Studies, The University of Oklahoma
  • State Certified Volunteer Mediator, Early Settlement Mediation
  • Certified Life Coach, Life Strategist Consulting Group LLC


  • Coach, Early Settlement Mediation
  • American Association of Mediators

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