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Lauren Marx, Conflict Resolution Expert

General Overview

Lauren is a highly accomplished conflict management professional with 10+ years of experience working with the public sector. During this time, she has developed a distinctive style that emphasizes her authenticity, candor, empathy, and ability to connect with others. As a coach, Lauren creates a safe and non-threatening environment in which clients can focus on their growth, while empowering them to address the immediate tensions impacting their work directly. Lauren utilizes transformative, narrative, and facilitative models of mediation – in-person and virtually – to help parties explore their differences and create new avenues out of conflict. When developing interactive trainings, Lauren leads with humor and is known for her visual storytelling through images and gifs.

Lauren is passionate about empowering individuals, teams, and organizations with the skills and support needed to embrace conflict as an opportunity for growth. She believes that when harnessed and managed, it can become a powerful tool for nurturing an inclusive workplace that encourages creative ideas, active and inspired engagement, and open and respectful communication.

Business Experience

Lauren has extensive mediation and facilitation experience working with a diverse mix of professionals. Lauren’s background also includes designing and managing conflict management systems for the Federal Government. Lauren also serves as an organizational ombuds in the public and academic sectors. She has also conducted dozens of training programs in conflict resolution, communication, leadership development, de-escalation, and more recently virtual communication and team-building.


  • Mediation
  • Ombuds
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Virtual Teams
  • Training Program Design and Delivery
  • Facilitation
  • Change Management


  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Nova Southeastern University
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration – Marketing, University of Florida
  • PROSCI Certified Change Management Professional
  • Cinergy Certified Conflict Coach
  • Florida State Supreme Court Certified Mediator


  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Contract Ombuds
  • Oregon Federal Executive Board (OFEB), Shared Neutrals Mediator and Trainer
  • Oregon Mediation Association, Member
  • Digital Gaming Research Association (DiGRA), Lead Ombuds
  • American Bar Association (ABA), Member, Ombuds Day Chair

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