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Shelley Larson, M.A.“I believe conflict is a normal part of every relationship and that it is a necessary aspect of growth and change. Conflict itself is not necessarily negative; how we express and manage conflict determines the levels of distress and struggle that we encounter. I consistently provide clients with the skills and guidance to find positive outcomes, to transform relationships and maximize their potential.”

Shelley Larson is an experienced educator, trainer, speaker, certified civil and domestic relations mediator, conflict coach, and consultant with over thirty years of experience with private, non-profit, and higher education institutions. She specializes in designing and conducting academic courses, lectures, and workshops on effective communication, conflict resolution, leadership, team-building, strategic planning, diversity, and employee retention. Shelley’s coaching and mediation methods focus on transformational change, assisting individuals and organizations to identify goals, find win-win solutions, and reach their fullest potential. As a consultant, her strengths include the ability to effectively diagnose and address a variety of interpersonal and business challenges, to create strategies and action plans for results, to build rapport and trust throughout a group or organization. Shelley is committed to keeping projects focused, on track, and completed on time and within budget.

Shelley holds a B.S. in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication, an M.A. in Communication from Eastern Michigan University, and a graduate certificate in Dispute Resolution from Wayne State University. In addition to her mediation and private consulting practice, Shelley is a professor of communication, leadership, and business writing at Oakland Community College in Royal Oak, Michigan and a volunteer mediator for the Oakland Mediation Center.

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Mediation/Coaching Testimonials

“Shelley has a natural analytical skill to identify issues and generate client-specific processes to address them. Her dynamic presentational style and sensitivity to the audience’s needs draw listeners in and encourages trust and cooperation to improve vital conversations. She has helped me with a multitude of issues over the course of many years and I would highly recommend her. She always brings fresh insight to the table.”
– Sherry Pyszczynski, Associate Broker, Keller Williams

“I have turned to Shelley for assistance on a variety of interpersonal challenges. With Shelley’s guidance, I was able to clearly identify my own needs and interests and thoughtfully consider those of others. As a result, I was able to remain calmer during disputes and be a better listener. This led to more mutually satisfying outcomes and fewer contentious moments in a critical relationship. If you could use assistance navigating a tough situation or simply wish to gain skill in managing conflicts effectively, Shelley is a great choice.”
– Marie Sunday, Conflict Coaching Client

Training Testimonials

“Shelley’s invigorating, creative teaching style and mastery of her subject matter motivates participants to think and leads to stimulating discussions. She challenges others to do their best yet her positive energy supports any that fall behind. Our institution and community benefit greatly by her dedication, professionalism and valuable services.”
– Ray Mort, Professor Alumnus, Oakland Community College

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