Shelley Larson, M.A., Conflict Resolution Expert, Detroit & Vancouver, BC

Shelley Larson, M.A.

General Overview

Shelley Larson is an experienced educator, trainer, speaker, mediator, conflict coach, and consultant with over thirty years of experience with private, non-profit, and higher education institutions. She specializes in designing and conducting academic courses, presentations, and workshops on effective communication, conflict resolution, leadership, team-building, strategic planning, diversity, and employee retention. Shelley’s coaching and mediation methods focus on transformational change, assisting individuals and organizations to identify goals, find win-win solutions, and reach their fullest potential. She effectively diagnoses and addresses a variety of interpersonal and business challenges, to create strategies and action plans for results, and to build rapport and trust throughout organizations. 

Shelley helps clients find positive outcomes, transform relationships and maximize their potential.

Business Experience

Shelley recognizes the need for systems analysis and guidance for managing conflict. She focuses on helping organizations and individuals gain insights and skills to more appropriately manage conflicts, including those relating to diversity and identity. In addition to her mediation and consulting practice, Shelley is a professor of communication, leadership, and business writing at Oakland Community College.


  • Higher education environments
  • Auto manufacturing training environments
  • Coaching in conflict management, leadership development and professional growth
  • Intercultural communication and diversity issues
  • Employee onboarding and retention


  • Master of Arts (M.A.), Organizational Communication, Eastern Michigan University
  • Bachelor of Sciences (B.S.), Organizational and Interpersonal Communication, Eastern Michigan University
  • Graduate Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Wayne State University
  • Justice Institute of BC, British Columbia
  • Indigenous Corporate Training Inc., British Columbia
  • Campus Threat Assessment Training, Sigma Threat Management Associates, LLC.
  • Cinergy Conflict Coaching Training, Cinergy Coaching


  • National Communication Association (USA)
  • ADR Institute of Canada
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • Mediate BC (British Columbia, Canada)
  • ADR, Conflict Resolution and Mediation Exchange
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Professionals

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