Coaching for Communication & Rapport Building

State-Appointed Civil Attorney


Independent Attorney

Length of Project

12 weeks


Organizational Conflict Analysis

One-on-One Coaching

Our Team

1 Facilitator

1 Conflict Coach

The Context

An independent attorney, who works on contract for the state to represent individuals and families, was having difficulty communicating and maintaining healthy working relationships with her state-appointed counterparts. One associate filed a complaint against the attorney with the state, triggering an investigation and a period of probation for the attorney. She sought help understanding how to communicate better and build healthier relationships with her counterparts as well as to show the state board that she was taking actionable steps to improve the situation.

Our Approach

The attorney signed up for our 12-week Peacebuilder’s Program, aimed at improving conflict management and communication skills. Our Conflict and Communication Coach began with an hour-long intake to understand the attorney’s situation, current challenges, and major areas needing improvement. Based on the intake session, a customized coaching program included several initiatives was developed, including skills for:

  • Responding rather than reacting to contentious emails or calls from work associates
  • Emotional self-regulation during difficult conversations
  • Asking constructive questions to gain clarity before making assumptions
  • Giving feedback on specific behavior rather than making abstract character judgments
  • Best practices for self-care and mental-emotional wellness
  • Career and life planning and organization to de-stress


  • The state board dropped the case after hearing no further complaints.
  • The attorney reported a better work relationship with the initial complainant and other counterparts.
  • The attorney developed a new work-life plan that gave her a greater sense of work-life balance, work satisfaction, career and retirement goals, and a two-year plan to transition out of her role.

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